Award-winning Cordless Garden Tools brand Warrior Eco Power Equipment launches their new range of products.

Award-winning Cordless Garden Tools brand Warrior Eco Power Equipment launches their new range of products.

Environmentally friendly, Warrior Eco Power Equipment, specialising in Cordless Lawn Mowers, Cordless Chainsaws, Cordless Grass Trimmers, Cordless Hedge Trimmers and Cordless Leaf Blowers is to be launched online in mid May 2020.

Warrior Eco Power Equipments  new range of cordless garden tools are to be launched in mid May 2020 and will be on sale from our website on this day. With performance, power and convenience being at the centre of our product range we are confident we have the tools to help make your garden beautiful.

Our range comprises of five high-spec tools – a hedge trimmer, a lawn mower, a leaf blower, a chainsaw and a trimmer. Built to last, low in maintenance but high in performance, Warrior Eco Power Equipment delivers in the most challenging of conditions.

We have taken the time to research what garden professionals would demand from their tools and ensured that our new range would meet those high standards. The result is a range of cordless power equipment designed to meet the toughest garden challenges.

Our products are packed with innovation: The 60V Samsung lithium batteries and charger are fully interchangeable with all Warrior Eco Cordless Garden Tools providing an amazing cost saving when purchasing other Warrior Eco Cordless Garden equipment.

Our batteries also have a 4-level battery display and a “Battery Life Indicator” identifying when recharge is required.

The Cordless Lawn Mower is self-propelled and uses an automatic 6 speed drive function. It simply has to be steered and it will do all the hard work. It also has brushless motor technology meaning that it can adjust its power level dependent on the difficulty of the terrain.

Our Cordless Chainsaw features the all-important “safety button” and has an automatic chain blade lubrication system. It also engages “intelligent speed control” when in operation keeping you safe and secure when operating your chainsaw.

The Cordless Leaf Blower produces up to 120 mph air flow in turbo mode. It weighs only 3kg, has an adjustable speed dial and can run for 25 mins at full power. It also has a handy LED light built in to the handle for when the day’s light starts to fade.

The Cordless Grass Trimmer has a comfortable shoulder strap and weighs in at only 3.4kg. This alongside an “automatic speed adjustment” function and a handle with 4 adjustable levels, makes it easy to operate for people of differing heights.

Finally our Cordless Hedge Trimmer is the trimmer to beat. It features an electronic ‘Anti-Blocking System’ and has a rotating handle for all cutting angles meaning our amazing cordless hedge trimmer will trim your hedges to perfection.

Warrior Eco Power Equipment CEO Jeff Bimson states:

“We have taken all steps possible to ensure that our new range of cordless garden equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Quality, technology and reliability are what we have always been about and we certainly feel that this new range of products delivers these attributes in abundance.”

Talk is cheap, but we are so sure of our EU approved and certified products that we are providing a 3 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee as standard. We also offer free next day delivery to UK mainland addresses.

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