Uncork A New Virtual World of Wine

The Wine School of Philadelphia today released its first online wine education service. The Online Wine School is offering virtual wine classes. Geared for the layperson, these wine classes have earned high praise from the wine trade. The school will soon also release new online-exclusive sommelier certification programs

“Twenty years ago, our classes revolutionized the idea of what wine classes could be. We were the first to shed jargon and snobbishness from wine education. Doing so increased student involvement and overall satisfaction,” says Director of Education Alana Zerbe.

“These new online classes reflect those values and deliver our award-wining content directly into your living room. This week we are releasing a series of one-hour wine classes priced at $10 a person. In the coming months, we will be releasing online sommelier certification courses as well,” Ms. Zerbe continued. “Those sommelier programs will be offered in conjunction with the National Wine School in California.”

Current class topics range from “Wine 101” to “Wines of Bordeaux”. The instructors of the online classes include Alana Zerbe, Keith Wallace (the founder of the school), and Danielle Wojnicki (Director of Events). Seats can be purchased at https://www.vinology.com/online-wine-school/

The Wine School of Philadelphia has been named the “Top Wine School in America

2020” by SOMM. In promotion for its wine movie “Uncorked,” NETFLIX cited the wine school as one of the top sommelier schools in the country.

Despite being recognized as a top wine school, pricing for online wine classes is dramatically lower than comparable classes. Many top-ranked wine schools charge $40 for comparable classes. The Wine School of Philadelphia is only charging $10 per student. “This is about giving back to our students, not making money” continued Zerbe.

The Wine School of Philadelphia now offers virtual wine classes. They will be offering online sommelier certification in the near future. They are differentiated from other online classes to the high quality of instruction and the personal connection students have with their instructors. Pricing for these classes and programs are a very good value, as much as 75% less than comparable classes.

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