Announcing:A New Free Online Home learning Rugby Skills Coaching Course


Joe Goodman (Director of Evolution Rugby & Head of Rugby at the University of Bristol)Introduces a brand new freely available to access coaching coursethat provides players and coaches at every level of the gamean opportunity to develop and learn new Evasion Agility Skills online at home.


Bristol based coach Joe Goodman announced the launch of Evolution Rugby’s Evade & Xcel Course,the first of a kind, to truly give players and coaches an effective and convenient way to upskill and discover new attacking rugby skills at home. “At this trying time, I want to provide players and coaches something new and stimulating to keep active and engaged when locked in at home.” Said Joe Goodman.“I’ll do anything I can to help engage and support players and coaches at this difficult time, whilst helping to develop their knowledge, skills and to better understand the benefits of agility training.”  


“I realised through analysing and modelling the most exciting attacking players, the very real benefits of developing players agility skills, so I set about designing a methodology that allows everybody to emulate their attacking heroes in one way or another. Players at every level need to upskill, and in this testing time, with so many players trapped at home I knew I had something to help engage and inspire players to keep active in preparation for next season.”


“Rugby is very much an entertainment business now. It’s in competition with football, cricket, boxing, MMA and many more to capture the attention of fans and sponsors alike. Though the game is growing, it could be suggested in some formats it’s becoming dull, and the challenge for all involved is to evolve. One way I’ve found to do that is to provide players with quality attacking skills enabling them to express themselves within their team game plans.”


“Having delved into the science of agility I knew I had to create the Evolution Evade & Xcel course. The data speaks for itself, ‘more line breaks equals more tries,’ (M Van Rooyen, 2011) ‘Players who receive a ball at higher running speed, using evasive stepping patterns are more likely to dominate a tackle contest, with72% of tackle breaks displaying patterns of side stepping and evasive attacking strategies.’ (Wheeler, 2010). So I designed the Evolution Rugby course to help teams and players overcome the problem of slow ‘crash n bash’ one out rugby, which of course can be effective and some fans love it, but importantly, by improving agility skills, like those taught via my Evade & Xcel training, not only are players encouraged to attack with more thought, it genuinely teaches how to execute razzle dazzle side steps and evasive running to create space, make more line breaks and importantly enable players to better control contact areas, thus enabling more offloads and increased continuity in the game to score more tries and make it a more exciting and entertaining sport.”


“The response from course subscribers, professional coaches and players of all levels has been better than I could have imagined,” said Goodman,“not only are players and coaches enjoying learning about the evasive attacking skills,they’ve found that they feel more confident when they play. The training has given players an edge knowing they can have a positive impact and really contribute to the teams attacking performance. Right now, being able to follow modules on a phone or tablet, with drills designed to be used in varying size spaces, means even the smallest of back gardens can be adapted to enable learning and training to take place.”


**Additional Information**

Joe Goodman: 37-year-old, RFU Level 4 coach and Head of Rugby at the University of Bristol.Part of Evolution Rugby Coaching, Joe is the creator of theEvade & Xcel Agility course. The course has been kindly supported by not only professional rugby coaches and players, but also GB athletics coaches and world-renowned speed, agility and performance coach, Professor Ian Jeffreys.


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