New To Sales? Need Sales Training? Contact Yatharth Marketing Solutions, India’s Top Rated Sales Training Company

You must have read multiple Sales training company’s stories. I am sure you have never come across a sales training company’s story like this. 


Sales have not been good friends for many corporate organizations. It is clear by now that if you want your business to be successful then your Sales results have to be great. 


As for the financial year 2013-2014, sales had started to become an enemy to all Corporate organizations. Corporate organizations had tried all the tricks to improve business. What was actually required was a good Sales training company. 


Mihir Shah then took a leading step and started Yatharth Marketing Solutions- A customized product-based Sales training company.


1. Who is Mihir Shah?

I can say with utmost confidence that Mihir Shah is India’s best Sales Trainer. He has uncountable experience in sales training which makes him so good. 


His motto in life is to improve the sales world to its peak. He has already helped many companies when he working as a Sales training employee. Companies like Google, Tally Solutions Private Limited, Merck & Co., Maxxis Rubber India PVT LTD, Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co, NCC Limited, Eastman Global, Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra Insurance Broker, Nirma PVT LTD, Videocon, NextEducation India PVT LTD, VIVO India PVT LTD, Xerox,  and many more. 

In the year 2014, he was done being an employee and wanted to set up his own sales training company. He knew the market was missing a customized Sales training program


2. Who are their target clients? 

It is very clear that since they are a Sales training company their target audience will be salespeople. Although there is something to add here. YMS gives sales training to newcomers, experienced Salesmen, Sales teams, Sales managers, Corporate Sales teams, etc. 


Their structure of Sales training is suited for any person or organization from the sales market. Amazon. In, Tally, Mahindra finance, Addo Platinum, Procter& Gamble, Aditya Birla Group, NCC, Girnar, Saregama Carvaan, Eastman Industries, Maxxis tires, Align connect, VIVO and many more. These are their top clients who are more than satisfied. 


YMS’s product-based customized Sales training program has helped many organizations clear their Sales funnel and improve their sales closing ratio. 


Sales training is very basic in other Sales Training Companies. Maybe that is why they have failed to improve the sales of corporate organizations. General Sales training cannot really improve your organization’s performance. Maybe for an individual, it might work. 


3. What exactly is this Customized Sales training? 

So the customized sales training that YMS offers is Product-based sales training. Product-based sales training is given according to your product. YMS does a detailed study of your product before the day of Sales training.


This structure of Sales training makes it easy for Salespeople. The salespeople who have received the Sales training have to just apply the sales knowledge on the selling field. 


With general sales training, the salesperson who has received the Sales training has to do multiple things. They have to firstly try and connect the sales training to their product. If it does not match then they will have to make changes. So it is too much trouble in general Sales Training. 


4. Where is the best place to connect with them?

Yatharth Marketing solutions have been in the market for six years now. They have made a good platform for promotion all over the internet. 


They have different social media accounts. For Twitter: @yatharthmk, Instagram:, Facebook: Yatharth Marketing Solutions


Other than these social media accounts the best and most informative to know about them is their website. Yatharth Marketing Solution has its website by the name


The website has all the details of the company. They have segregated all their services, pricing, media kit, clients, etc in a very systematic way. 


So here was this very inspiring Success story of Yatharth Marketing Solutions. They have inspired many other sales training companies and I am sure they will inspire all the people reading the story. 


If you do wish to read different business stories, do let me know and I will the best story for my readers.

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