LyricalGenes Attests for the Paparazzi in New Song, “G.R.I.T”

       LyricalGenes attests for the paparazzi in his his new song, G.R.I.T, which is an acronym for Getting Rejected Into Tenacity. The single is a part of his album / mixtape, Grammy Mixtape, which will be released in the summer months; however, G.R.I.T is a fun and easy listening composition with uplifting lyrical structure. In the beginning, Dana Burtin (LyricalGenes) points out that the paparazzi are just trying to feed their family by any means necessary. And since we may not know their history, we cannot judge them. Although, being a celebrity you may encounter rude and inexcusable behavior from certain paparazzi crowds, staying modest and straight forward will be beneficial in the long run.

       In addition, LyricalGenes represents his city of Cleveland by adding an infamous line from P. Diddy’s song Shake Ya Tailfeather featuring Nelly and Murphy Lee by stating, “Lose control. Have some fun. Shake your tailfeather. We in Cleveland, do it now in this warm weather.” Lastly, LyricalGenes believes his last words are what will manifest in his career by proclaiming, “Out the basement, to the charts, in their hearts. I am simply going to take off. The whole world believes in me. Finally finally.”

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