#GoDigital with World Forum.Digital: Coronavirus unites the world 28th of May – 29th of May 24 hours Non-stop

COVID-19 has affected our lives immensely – right now every single one of us is trying to maintain calm and ready for the next challenges. World Forum.Digital has created a brand new online forum for anyone who is trying to digitize business, education and other important spheres of life.  


Together with tech leaders, CEOs, Managing Directors, Policy Leaders, Innovators and Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Venture Investors and VC Funds, Tech Startups from all over the world we will discuss possible consequences of the virus for business and digital future.


How will it go?

For convenience, the forum will be divided in four blocks and broadcast is going to last 24 hours.


What speakers are going to discuss? 

In the first block experts will discuss trends in business: how to digitize a business, implement new strategies and improve the development of the business in general. 

The second block will focus on one of the most important thing right now – how to stay calm during these times and how to avoid upshots of the epidemic for your business. Long-term consequences, technologies that can help to overcome particular difficulties and perspectives of online-learning will be discussed by the professionals in the field. 

Vast changes in healthcare systems around the globe, A.I (artificial intelligence), machine learning and autonomous learning development – all of these topics are going to be covered in the third block. 


Are there anything that can help my business or startup?

Yes, World Forum.Digital will not only focus on discussing, but also presenting solutions for all kinds of businesses, startups and companies. Experts will showcase their solutions for the digital sphere.


And why should I go for this event?

  1. Being part of World Forum.Digital gives you a unique opportunity to witness one of the biggest global events this year.
  2. If your company is looking for the new clients, World Forum.Digital will help you to acquire new clients and sponsors to boost your productivity. 
  3. Digital field can be confusing sometimes, but with help from our speakers you will learn how to digitize for the sake of well-being of yourself, your workers and your business.


If you have any questions about the event or want to know more, you can visit our website or write us an email. 

More information you can find on this website: https://world.forum.digital/global

Contact for communication: media@forum.digital


See you on World Forum.Digital!

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