Beat the Thief: Proactive Ways to Prevent Burglaries

Beat the Thief: Proactive Ways to Prevent Burglaries

Being a victim of a burglary is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Not only do you have to deal with items being physically taken (some might be sentimental and impossible to replace) but you also have the mental trauma of knowing someone has been in your personal space. No one wants to think too hard about being targeted but it’s important to put some security measures in place. Here are a few ways to go about it.

A burglar alarm

A professionally installed burglar alarm is a must for any home. With them being so loud they draw a lot of attention so any criminals just won’t stick around if one goes off. Burglary is usually an opportunistic crime, and even the sight of a burglar alarm can be enough to put them off. If you live in a particularly high risk area, you could sign up to a burglar alarm plan with your alarm. Here you will pay a monthly fee, but if your alarm is triggered then the company will call you as well as the police so fast action can be taken.


Research shows that CCTV cameras have some of the biggest deterrent effects when it comes to pre-planned crime, and luckily these days systems aren’t expensive or difficult to install. There are lots of indoor and outdoor cameras on the market, and devices like Ring Doorbell keep constant watch of your front door with a motion detection camera.

Good windows and doors

Older doors and windows are easier to be kicked or forced in, new models are much better for security. Window panels in doors are now completely reinforced and locks are stronger and better than ever before. If you need to update yours, chances are you’ll save money on your energy bills as well as prevent ‘unwanted visitors’.

Smart home systems

There are lots of ways we can utilise smart home technology to keep our homes safe and secure. From the ability to control lights and appliances from anywhere in the world (to give the appearance that someone is home) to being able to monitor your CCTV cameras and even open and close curtains using smart blinds and curtain rails. Even if you don’t want to invest in lots of smart home technology, just a few bulbs that you can control with your phone can be useful, as you can switch them on and off at intervals while you’re away and thieves watching the house would never know that you weren’t in. For outdoor lighting it can be useful to go with motion activated models, or something you can turn on or off as needed from your phone. Something like these 150w led parking lot lights installed by your garage over your car can be ideal for warding off car thieves who will prefer to operate in the dark.

Lock away tools

Many burglars gain entry to a home using the victims own tools from the shed or garage. Things like hammers, drills and ladders can all make their job much easier so be sure to keep these things locked away. Put a sturdy padlock on your shed and garage and lock everything up after each use.