Author Angelika Schulze unveils “The Power of Your Past & The True Calling of Your Soul”

Stockholm, Sweden – Our past lives have often left jagged scars upon our mind, body, and soul. They have robbed us of having the ability to accept ourselves and be able to receive love from another.

‘The Power of Your Past & The True Calling of Your Soul’ allows a person to rebuild their shattered self-confidence and learn how to love themselves. The in-depth guidance and positive methods used in this book have the substance to heal your inner being.

Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Review, completed a recent book review. She states: “Angelika Schulze has masterfully crafted a book that has the power to change your life. With the use of beautiful illustrations and in-depth advice, you can feel yourself evolving into a better person as you complete each exercise. The words she uses are ones that penetrate deep into your soul and holds a lasting memory.”

Angelika Schulze has dealt with her own personal traumas, and this allows her to help you find your self-love. She offers training and meditation in the area of holistic self-care. Her positive words of inspiration will penetrate deep within your heart.

She’s the creator of the Happy Reward Kid´s Chart, which she created to use with her own two young children, ages five and nine. As a parent, she wanted to raise kids who were happy and had good self-esteem.


‘The Power of Your Past & The True Calling of Your Soul’ is published by Angelika Schulze and can be purchased in both print and electronic format at Amazon and other leading publishers.

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