Halo Creative Labs Adds Creative Expertise to AngelMD Community

Halo Creative Labs Adds Creative Expertise to AngelMD Community



Leading Healthcare Investment Platform Integrates Full Service Creative Agency to Help Promote Promising Startups

Denver, Colorado, USA
June 11, 2020

AngelMD is extending its support of medtech startups and its healthcare membership through its wholly owned subsidiary, Halo Creative Labs. The firm is an independent full-service creative agency headquartered in Denver, and led by veteran Executive Creative Director Dave Farmer.

The AngelMD community connects thousands of healthcare startups, physician and dental practices, hospital systems and industry organizations. Each of these groups has an important story to tell, and the creative and technical demands of doing this successfully can often be overwhelming. Halo Creative Labs combines its creative talents with significant expertise in healthcare, and other verticals, to craft digital marketing campaigns, enhance online presence, produce high-end videos, vlogs and podcasts, and support a wide range of client marketing efforts. The creative team understands the nuances and changing landscape that is critical when working and promoting healthcare businesses, and the services provided by the Halo team have become indispensable to the growing AngelMD community.

“AngelMD is working to be more effective and efficient in helping startups achieve success. Not only do we provide access to capital, educational resources, key physician advisors and industry mentors, but we understand how crucial it is to be able to communicate a business’ value proposition. It is our belief that a young company’s brand story must be developed in order to maximize the effectiveness of any capital infusion. Halo Creative Labs has helped a rapidly growing lineup of startups on our platform get the attention they deserve through best-in-class digital marketing campaigns, high-end video production, and brand development. The entire AngelMD team is excited to expand this winning partnership in 2020 and beyond,” said Tobin Arthur, CEO, AngelMD.

“Over the last 13 years, the Halo Creative Labs team has focused on helping early stage startups craft a compelling narrative with a strong value proposition that stands out to potential investors. Our partnership with AngelMD is a natural fit, and we look forward to helping the AngelMD team build winners out of the vast array of innovative healthcare companies that are active in the AngelMD community,” said Dave Farmer, Executive Creative Director, Halo Creative Labs.

About AngelMD
AngelMD is an online Healthcare Investment and Innovation Marketplace, connecting and engaging a network of healthcare providers and subject matter experts, angel and institutional investors and private healthcare companies through a technology platform to create better outcomes for investors, entrepreneurs and patients. For more information, visit https://www.angelmd.co

About Halo Creative Labs
Halo Creative Labs is a full service creative agency specializing in digital, motion and brand campaigns, focused on helping businesses communicate their story and mission in an increasingly digital world. For more information and to book a consultation, visit www.halocreativelabs.com/

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