Philip Doleman explains Eco-pods and its different Models

An Eco-pod is the best living space that you should have when building a place for your family members or business folks. The eco-pods could be an extra room at the balcony, a mini-cabin in the office, a granny room, or a back cabin at home.

The eco-pods offer a uniquely diverse space for life, work, and play. The most designed eco-pods of Philip Doleman are best for residential, commercial, educational, and other purposes.

There are six different models of eco-pods based on their shape and design. The models are placed below in order of their area from small to large.

  1. S Pod

S Pods, with 9.8m2 area, are small in size that fits into an available small space. It is built using high-quality natural timber, aluminium, and glass with cubical appearance.

The light and bright design of S-Pod can offer a tempting additional bedroom with a fold-down bed. This small eco-pod is versatile enough to be used as a bedroom, office, workout space, and other purposes.

  1. M Pod

With 18m2 area, M Pod offers small but spacious extra storage having the dimensions of 3 x 6 meters. This eco-pod has a built-in bathroom and an open space that can be used to put an occasional bed for guests. The M-Pod comes with great versatility to use for work and spare time needs.

  1. L Pod

The L Pod, with a 27m2 area, offers plenty of extra space that comes with large dimensions of 3 x 9 meters. It is adaptable enough to be used as a bedroom, living room, and office room, work out and play, team workspace, and much more.

It comes with extra built-in storage and anodised aluminium solar shading system. The L Pod is comparatively stylish and adaptable to help in your daily needs.

  1. C1 Pod

The C1 Pod, with a 54m2 area, also has great flexibility. This Pod is formed by combining two L Pods with two bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, and a living space.

This Pod is perfect for summer enjoyment as it comes with the opportunity of two outdoor deck areas. These features make the Pod ideal for a cabin, teenage room, or granny insipid.

  1. C2 Pod

The C2 Pod, with 65m2 area, presents the exciting features. It is formed through the combination of two M Pods and one L Pod. This arrangement gives a stylish and functional holiday room. The Pod comes with two bedrooms kitchen, dining room, and living space.

  1. C3 Pod

The C3 Pod, with 72m2 area, is formed by combining one S Pod, two M Pods, and one L Pod. This Pod is the largest and acts as a stylish and functional holiday home. The design includes two bedrooms with separate toilet and shower, kitchen, dining, and living space.

Final Words:

Finally, all the models are perfect, stylish, and affordable. You can select any of the mentioned models according to your need keeping the budget in mind.

The designs of Philip Doleman are highly demanding nowadays. They are quite eco-friendly, relaxing, and affordable.

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