Top 5 Things a Great Homemade Wine Kit Should Have

Top 5 Things a Great Homemade Wine Kit Should Have

Have you ever imagined celebrating something important surrounded by everyone you love and share with them a bottle of the most special wine, a wine made by you? How is that possible? 4 little words –  wine from a kit. For all the wine lovers, this is a special adventure you must try and the reward is your own homemade bottle, not only with a unique taste, but also with the accomplishment feeling you have after.

It may sound like something too complicated, but that’s the great thing about these homemade wine kits, as everyone can do it and improve it since they can go from simpler wines to more complex ones. Lastly, you’ll reach a point in your life where you have homemade quality wine for any occasion.

What is a Wine Kit?

A great solution for all the wine lovers! Not only is it the chance to learn more about the process of making wine, but even for the more experts on the subject, it’s a way to expand their knowledge. It gives the opportunity to make quality wine without the extensive work of doing it from fresh grapes, as it contains all the essentials you need for a simple winemaking process. Besides that, it becomes economically more accessible. If you are looking for a career in the world of wine, these are also a great way to start, giving all the bases you need and the chance to get it wrong, before getting it right.

The Essentials a Wine Kit Should Have

There are a lot of tools needed when it comes to making quality wine, so let’s dig in some of the most important ones:

1 – Primary and Secondary Fermenter

This must be the most important ingredient in the whole kit as, without it, we wouldn’t have wine. The primary fermenter is used in the process where the yeast picks the sugar out of the grapes and turns it into alcohol, so not only is it essential, but it can also have a major impact on the making of the wine. When it comes to kits, there isn’t really a right answer to which fermenter is the best and it ends up being the choice of the buyer to decide which one suits him best. The secondary fermenter, as the name refers to, it’s used after the first fermentation is over, when the wine is transferred to another recipient. It is also very important because it’s at this point that the flavors and aromas start to get richer.

2 – Hydrometer

Speaking of essentials, a good winemaking kit must have a hydrometer! This device is mostly used to measure the density of liquids, and has a crucial part in the process, especially during the fermentation process, since the first stage, to measure the sugar, to the last one, when the fermentation is finished. This device needs to be taken care of, and properly cleaned, and sanitized, otherwise, it could affect the whole process and the end result.

3 – Airlock

Going by the name of Airlock or fermentation lock is a small piece used to allow the escape of gases without damaging the fermentation process or letting air, bugs, and bacteria in, and with this avoiding oxidation. This piece takes, mostly, the form of bubbles and it is filled with water, but some people prefer to use other types of liquids like ethanol, to make sure it doesn’t spoil the wine during its fermentation stage.

4 – Wine Thief

Don’t worry, I am not talking about someone who steals wine, but about a tool that allows you to take small samples of your wine (to all the wine lovers, I said “small”!) It is a tube-shaped tool and it will make it easier for you to take samples to evaluate the process and keep up with it, during the whole experience. Not only is it for your personal taste, but it also can be used for other quality tests that require a sample.

5 – Siphon

When it comes to moving big quantities of wine, you’ll need to be as careful as you can, not to disturb the making, as it can inject air and completely ruin it. The siphoning technique is a very gentle device used to move wine from one container to another, using gravity, but it is also important to keep in mind that for the technique to work well, the equipment needs to be good as well. One example of this is the Auto siphon. This device takes the main rule of the siphon and adds the automation by doing all the process without you having to suck on it. An added bonus – this device usually has a filter inside to retain the unwanted particles.


The process of making your own homemade wine is getting simpler by the minute and nowadays these kits come with all the materials needed to succeed. I hope this article convinced you to start making your own wine and helped you realize the best materials possible in a kit, so thank you for reading and cheers!