Hot Tub Jets Are Not Just For Creating Bubbles – Norfolk Hot Tub Company Explains

Hot tubs have certainly come a long way in both design and technology. I remember when people used to walk into a showroom and just wanted to purchase a hot tub to sit in and feel relaxed with the constant jets of water massaging their back. Welcome to the world of change!

Like many things in life, people who purchase a hot tub must make several decisions and that’s why making a purchase from a hot tub dealer rather than just buying online will certainly allow you to get the perfect hot tub which suits your overall needs. A hot tub is an investment and the type of tub should be carefully considered before you sign on the bottom line.

One of those decisions is based on the jets you have within your hot tub. That decision is based on the number and the type of jets. If you are looking to buy a Hot Tub in Norfolk, the team at the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Centre in Norwich will be able to help you.

In their showroom they stock American Whirlpool, Arctic Spa and Wellis hot tubs. All of these spas are designed, not just to look beautiful, but also to exceed all the norms for high quality hydro massage and ergonomics.

It’s pretty much the same for all the brands they stock, but if we focus on the Wellis range of hot tubs. Wellis carefully set their jet positions and performance characteristics to suit each particular target muscle group.

The result is a range of hydrotherapy stations that fit a wide range of physiques, provide highly effective hydro massage to all the right places and are exceptionally pleasant and comfortable places to sit or lay.

Wellis use a number of different sizes of hydro massage therapy jets with a number of different nozzle configurations. This provides for a varied massage experience from light and fast pulsating through to a slower deeper needing effect.

All the jets are also individually adjustable for flow, and some can be tailored for speed and the treatment area too resulting in a number of amazing massage variations, pin pointing different areas of the body as seen below:


1. Expert Massage
Back massage on advanced level. With the adjustable direction and strength of the jets everyone can customize this massage place, which was developed especially for back massage.

2. Cool Down Massage
Sometimes it’s the best just to relax a bit on the edge of the pool after a full body massage or an exhausting exercise in the water.

3. Focus Massage
The daily tedious work, all-day office activities cause many of us uncomfortable, cramping feeling in our back, around the waist. This massage place focus on the upper body, on this critical area to help you relax, dissolve the accumulated stress at the end of a long day.

4. Intenso Massage
The most invigorating massage spot. Professional athletes, sport fans and anyone looking for intense hydro massage will enjoy the experience provided by our intenso seat. It concentrates especially on the back and leg muscles.

5. Body Flow Massage
This ergonomically designed therapeutic massage lounge provides luxurious comfort, whilst its carefully placed jets provide a superior massage experience for the entire body.

6. Relax Massage
The numerous jets of this extraordinary body massage seat are carefully positioned to massage your neck, shoulders, back, hip and thigh.

If we look at the Wellis EveRest Premium Hot Tub as an example. This tub has 4 hydromassage pumps and 88 jets fitted around 2 reclining places and 3 sitting places. The EveRest Premium hot tub makes relaxation simply unforgettable: one lying place is especially well-equipped: it includes two large HP massage pumps, the PULSAR ™ system, and the control pad of the AQUASOUL ™ Pro 4.1 sound system. It also comes with MICROSILK Oxygen therapy system for total skin care and cleansing. The additional control panels and the WiFi SmartPhone application provide users with a comfort level that has never before been experienced.

Buying a hot tub sounds very complicated especially if you are just buying online! That’s where the Hot Tub and Swimspa Centre comes in, as you don’t have to worry about how many jets you have or the type of jets as they will recommend a hot tub based on what you want to get from it. They make it very simple to guide you through this process.

Kevin Sowter of The Hot Tub and SwimSpa Centre says “There will be other decisions to make such as colour, number of seats, lighting and even sound systems. But when we have your wish list, its like magic, we will suggest the right selection of hot tubs that meet your requirements and your budget. Don’t forget we even make budgeting simple with a great choice of finance solutions available including 0% and Buy Now Pay Later.”

Looking to buy a Hot Tub in Norfolk? The Hot Tub and Swim Spa centre in Norwich are there to help you. Please visit: You can chat online, call on 01603 860660 or email