Cord Cutting Is About More Than Just Pricing

Due to COVID, a lot of individuals, singles, and families have made major changes. A lot of them were financially forced to. Some might be living on savings, while others are still making it on the stimulus the government provided. Whatever the situation, there is no denying that times are tough right now, financially. COVID might be here forcing people out of work, but this doesn’t stop rising prices. The cost of gas, milk, bread, and everything else is still going up. This is why people are having to financially cut back. Out of some of the biggest changes that people have made because of COVID, cutting the cord is probably one of the biggest. And despite what you might believe, it isn’t all financially-related.

What Is Cutting The Cord?

Whether you are an off-the-grid survivor or a city slicker, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard the term cord cutting, cutting the cord, or something along those lines. Well, this might mean something entirely different than what you would imagine. When you hear the term cord-cutting, you should think of not just cutting your cable off or just cutting off one subscription, but a complete disconnection. A lot of cable companies these days offer cable, phone, and the Internet. Cutting the cord refers to discontinuing your entire TV subscription as well as your phone. Some people even go the full way and kill their Internet too, as unlikely as this might seem or sound.

Low Perceived Value

You’ve likely heard stories of companies promising big things and not delivering. Heck, this is a common occurrence these days. Well, this is where people feel like they are at right now with their cable companies. They feel like they are being promised things and not receiving what is promised. People simply don’t believe that they’re getting enough in return for what they are paying. And, this might actually be the case, depending on their current providers. A lot of this was brought on by the development of other popular streaming services that are offering huge amounts of content at just a fraction of the cost.

Negative Experiences With Bundles

Unfortunately, not every company out there is like situs judi online. Not every online casino can be a winner that delivers on what they promise. Well, the same can be said for a lot of cable companies as well. This seems to be the case, especially when it comes to bundles. Nearly three-quarters of current cable customers say that they’ve had poor experiences with three-way bundles. These include everything from faulty phone services to weak or intermittent Internet connections. Given that most companies are now offering phone, cable, and Internet in bundled packages, this can be troubling. It usually only makes sense to sign up for all three services with one company. It’s usually not only easier, but it’s cheaper. The only problem is, these bundles don’t deliver.

Hidden Fees

There is nothing worse than been quoted a price over the phone or in-person and being left holding a bill twice or three times as much when the job is finally done. It’s even worse if the job isn’t done right or there are all kinds of problems along the way. Unfortunately, this is exactly what cable customers are experiencing these days with cable providers. It’s not the price of the fees but rather what most subscribers would say are duplicitous practices. It can be extremely troubling when you find out that one month your bill is nearly twice as much as it was the previous month. It’s even worse if it takes years or months before you discover the hike. Make sure to completely avoid this by paying extremely close attention to your cable bill each month.

Heck, it pays to do the same thing with all your creditors. Whether it be a fitness subscription, a gym membership, or car insurance, make sure that you are paying the same amount each month. If not, make sure you know exactly why the cost is increasing.


While there are tons of ways to save money and cut back, it seems that cord-cutting is one of the more popular options these days. And, it only makes sense if you are having bad experiences with your provider. These are just amongst some of the reasons that people are cutting the cord these days.