How to get verification for a fashion store on Instagram?

How to get verification for a fashion store on Instagram?

How to get verification for a fashion store on Instagram?

Making an Instagram account is easy. Asking your friends and family to follow you and if you want to promote your account you start making more efforts to increase the followers and get more likes. However, to increase your followers be selected to choose services. For instance, Istalabs comes with a warning so don’t go for it.This was one side of the story; there is more to the picture. We know people use Instagram to get recognized by their work or by their personalities. Here you get recognized not by the users but by the authorized team to get verified. Verification on Instagram means a blur tick that is the batch given by Instagram to prove your verification publically. Let’s discuss how and why we should get the verification

What is an Instagram badge?

Instagram has this policy of differentiating known accounts from ordinary accounts. These known accounts are usually celebrities with a blue tick. If a celebrity has zero followers and you have millions of followers with lots of likes on your photos and videos, Instagram would still give that celebrity blue tick verification. The Sitetrail agency handled more than 500 successful cases with their Instagram Verification Service. It is worth reading their tips and tricks.


Getting verified by Instagram is a big thing and it’s also not a piece of cake. As it’s not something you can get by yourself, it is assigned to you by Instagram which increases its value. You get recognized by a particular group by Instagram which will be visible to the world. But why do you even need to verify your profile? it simply protects you from copycats. Not two brands can be similar. The frauds get caught easily and even if they do copy you, they won’t have that blue tick which you will be having with the real business and of course, people will go after the genuine thing.  it shows your existence which is a pretty big deal on Instagram. Thefts become difficult nobody can steal your identity and stuff.

How to get verified

If you want your fashion store to get recognized on Instagram here are the steps that will guide you to expand and get a verified business which will eventually get you good customers and even partners.


Meet the Instagram eligibility requirements. There are four requirements you need to check

  • Authentication of having an account for business or a person
  • The uniqueness of your account. Is your fashion business unique enough that stands out all the other brands?
  • Make your account public. Private accounts are nor approved
  • Do you have a notable following? Are your store or brand shown in the search result

Make a blue tick request

It’s easy to make a request all you need is to go to Instagram settings. After clicking on the request page an application form pops up. It’s a short and sweet process. Everything is written that Instagram only verifies public figures, celebrities or brands. For your fashion store verification, you need to fill up accordingly. After submitting you will receive news of verification or try again. It’s not that you will get verified it might take the time you can apply for next month.

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