Tips and Tricks to Stay Motivated While Moving Your House

An overwhelming feeling is constant once you decide to move. You may feel a little excited if you are moving for the first time but in case you have moved multiple times before this then no motivation is left. The thought of unending tasks makes a person even more stressed. Though you know well what you are supposed to do, you don’t have the zeal due to repetitive relocation. You find packing and relocation boring and tiring and keep delaying the process.

The best local movers around you suggest that packing your things properly is the key to a smooth move but when you don’t feel motivated and energetic enough to organize and execute your move, you do things half-heartedly. If you will keep delaying the process then, it will be a mess at the end minute. Though your apparent lack of motivation is justified and understood, you cannot simply delay your moving process in hope of getting it done by itself.

Following are some tips and tricks to stay motivated while moving your house without getting overwhelmed:


Make a Packing Checklist

Prepare a packing checklist by sorting your items. Follow the rule of divide and conquer. Go through your every belonging and remove the items that you haven’t used in a while. Organize and plan everything. Make a list of all the extra stuff and categorize it into three different sets including sell, donate, and trash.

You can organize a garage sale to sell the items kept in the ‘sell’ category. A Garage sale will not only be fun but you will also be able to make some money. Don’t overburden yourself and clear all the piles slowly.

Now once you are done with donating, selling, and throwing your extra stuff, all you are left is your final packing list. All the things that you have to take along should further be categorized according to its use and room it belongs to. Stick to your packing plan as this will keep you motivated when you will be clear about each moving task.

Sorting and decluttering your stuff will keep you motivated as this will save your money, energy, and time. As you will sort the stuff, less packing supplies will be needed and even transportation costs will also be decreased for fewer items.


Start Early

Don’t delay your moving process for long. Keep any demotivating thoughts away and take your move as a new phase of life and think all positive. Start your packing process as soon as you decide on the move. You can start your packing from the least used things in the house like your expensive crockery, seasonal clothes, and other rarely used items.

Keep in mind that before you start your packing, you have to sort your belongings and that may take more than your calculated time so start the process at the earliest.

Start packing from the storage areas as mentioned above, things that we keep in our storage areas like the garage, basement, and attic, are rarely used. After sorting and packing the storage areas, you can move your packing process towards the kitchen and other rooms.


Take One Step at a Time

Getting overwhelmed is obvious if you will look at the bigger picture of packing and will start everything at the same time. Take one step at a time, don’t open, and start everything all together.

Divide your packing into some mini-steps and mark it done in your checklist once you complete it. If you complete your small steps in time, you will get motivated to step further.


Reward Yourself

Rewarding makes work exciting, so reward yourself after every task you complete. Just marking your task done in your checklist may not give you enough satisfaction and you may get demotivated after getting nothing on completion of your task. So reward yourself, you can take a coffee break with friends, can go out for a movie once you are done with a large part of the packing project, and can book a relaxing massage after the packing is done. Considering these rewards will keep you motivated to complete your task in time.


Stay Focused & Healthy

Try to avoid any distractions and stay focused. Packing and other moving-related tasks are tedious but you do not afford to overlook them and indulge in other activities. Try to complete the process as soon as possible as multitasking may slow down your progress in the moving process.

As they say, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body so don’t skip meals, sleep, and fitness routines.

Make sure you eat on time during the whole moving process. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you will not feel good and healthy, you will easily get distracted and feel demotivated.

You can even motivate yourself by the savings that you are doing by packing and doing other moving procedure yourself. Hiring a professional company will cost you a hefty amount and saving this amount will give a boost to your energy levels and a push to your moving skills. However, when you engage professionals you must expect the best services that ensure the success of your relocation.