7 Tips for Designing Your Home Office Space

Switching from a traditional office to a home office can be difficult, especially if you find yourself getting distracted more at home. If you want to turn your home office space into a productivity paradise, here are 7 tips to help you design the ideal home office.

1. Make Plenty of Space

Ample space is the first key to a good home office. Not only do you need enough space for your desk, chair and storage furniture, but you also want your office to feel spacious. Make sure you give yourself a little more room than you need for furniture, that way your office doesn’t feel cramped and you can make changes in the future.

2. Choose the Right Desk

Choosing the right desk is one of the most important parts of creating a comfortable home office. If you’re going to spend all day working at your desk, you need to make sure it’s large enough for your work and organized for productivity. You might want to look at an L-shaped desk if you need multiple monitors and extra workspace.

3. Find a Comfortable Chair

With all the time you spend sitting in your home office, a comfortable chair is a must. You don’t have to spend thousands on the most expensive office chair, but you shouldn’t opt for the cheapest model you find at Staples, either. Ideally, you want an ergonomic office chair that’s designed for heavy use.

4. Add Some Storage

Storage is an essential part of your home office, especially if you need quick access to documents for work. File cabinets are a great place to store sensitive documents, while a bookshelf gives you a spot to decorate and add a little life to your home office. You can find tons of home office storage furniture with a quick Google search, so the possibilities are endless.

5. Decorate the Walls

You want your home office to feel like your space, so take some time to decorate the area in a style that you like. There are plenty of places to buy posters and prints to hang up on your wall, so you’ve got a wide selection to choose from.

If you really want to personalize your home office space, you can find cheap canvas prints that you can customize. All you have to do is find a picture you like then upload it to one of these websites, and you’ll have a custom canvas print in no time.

6. Let in Natural Light

If you’ve never designed a home office space, you might not know how much light affects productivity. Natural light helps keep you energized, so try to let some natural light in through a window. Keep in mind that you don’t want to have the sun in your eyes or a glare on your screen all day, so position your desk accordingly.

7. Manage Your Cables

Computer desks can quickly turn into a mess with all the cables involved. You can solve this problem by opting for a wireless mouse and keyboard and using cable management accessories to neatly run cables so they’re not in your way. You can also place your wireless router in another room so you don’t have extra cords in your office.

Creating the perfect home office space takes a bit of work, but it’s worth having a comfortable place to work from home. Your office needs to be functional, but it should also provide a comfortable environment. Follow these tips and you’ll have the best home office on the block in no time at all.