Interior design trends for 2021

It’s been a strange year to say the least. And after a year of seeing the same four walls more often than usual, a refresh may be exactly what you need. Following on from our interior design trends for summer 2020, it’s time for a fresh list of inspirations. We’ve compiled the top trends for redesigning your home in 2021.

Texture is everything

Adding texture to your rooms can have a big impact on how a room feels to you. From rugs to curtains to walls – 2021 is all about touch and sensation. One notable trend this year is textured walls. Marble wallpaper, for example, can add plenty of complexity to a room and enrich the experience. Wall murals are an excellent and more budget-friendly version of the trend.

Colourful kitchens

White kitchens are a thing of the past. This year, colours are in and the more adventurous you can get, the better. Earthy and natural tones like olive green and navy, but also vibrant color palettes like yellow and burgundy make for stunning choices this season. You want to feel invigorated and enriched every time you enter the kitchen, so choose your favorite modern kitchen color trends for 2021 now.

Eco-friendly designs will be in for years to come

With global warming speeding up, we continue to adopt more eco-friendly design habits, and that trend is here to stay. You can reduce your carbon impact by choosing second-hand or vintage furniture pieces and adopting more minimalist room designs. More people than ever before are also opting to upcycle and repair broken home furniture or accessories. Lastly, you may even want to check the sustainability commitment of the provider of your wall paint or other redesign tools to make sure that your new design is as eco-friendly as possible.

Small is beautiful

The days of lavish grand designs are over. From small bathroom ideas that don’t compromise on style to embedding a home office in your living room – this year is all about enlivening these smaller corners of the home. A few neat tricks to keep small spaces tidy include, keeping the floor clear, adopting foldable furniture, and adding more light sources to brighten up dark corners.

Quality over quantity

In line with more eco-conscious living and organic designs, a growing number of consumers are adopting the quality over quantity approach when it comes to redesigning their homes. Pieces that are built to last are a great choice for the environment because they reduce waste. Bedding and toiletries made from organic sources are not only kind to the skin but also make for beautiful accessories.