Interior design trends for summer 2020

Whether you’re looking to refresh your living room, update the home conservatory or completely revamp that outdated master bedroom, you may be looking for some inspiration.

Our homes are very personal representations of ourselves and our lives, and it’s very important to choose an interior design that’s right for you and your family. But why not incorporate some of the best summer 2020 trends into the mix too? Here are a few ideas.

The latest interior design planning technology

We’re now living in a world full of really useful software, tools and apps to make interior design planning super-easy and fun.

Start by hitting your app store of choice and search for floor planning apps. These will enable you to design and test various designs for your specific space from a bird’s eye point of view.

Consider using apps like those offered by Ikea and other furniture stores which include AR technology to help you virtually ‘place’ new pieces of furniture in any room.

You can even virtually ‘paint’ walls with apps from major paint manufacturers. Give it a go – it’ll save you heaps of time and money buying stuff you don’t like once you’ve painted the walls for real.

Summer colour scheme trends

As you might expect, there are lots of thoughts on the most popular interior colour schemes for 2020. And, you’re in luck, because the trending colours and shades are rather palatable this summer.

The cool, monochrome greys and blues that have been so popular for the past few years are gradually being replaced with warmer tones – from bold shades of champagne to muted pinks, olive greens, chocolate brown, claret wines, and yellow ochres, there’s something for almost everyone. Many of these colours also look great against the summer sunlight streaming through the windows.

Curves and scalloped edges

Whether it’s furniture sculpted with curves rather than straight lines, fish-scale floor tile designs, or mermaid-style scalloped patterns on cupboard doors, the emphasis is moving away from linear shapes, and towards a more

Clever lighting

Try and get smart with your lighting when overhauling your home interiors this year.

Here are two great clever lighting methods:

  • buy eco-friendly LED lights and place them strategically, whether it’s recessed in the ceiling or within contemporary lamp shades;
  • let as much natural daylight into the room as possible, and place large mirrors throughout your home to reflect it.

The latter, in particular, will create an airy space throughout your home and increase the perceived amount of space you have available.

Smart space-saving storage ideas

We all have a lot of stuff to store, but there are lots of clever space-saving storage options to choose from these days.

If your rooms are on the smaller side, kook for storage options that don’t take up unnecessary floor space. Remember – you probably have plenty of wall space and/or practical items of furniture that can be pressed into service for storage. For example, there are countless options in a huge range of shapes and sizes for storage boxes that can be pushed under furniture, and shelves and cupboards that are designed to be hung close to the ceiling.

Or, if you are replacing your existing furniture, try to source seating, beds, coffee tables and desks with integrated storage, so that you can pack away all of the clutter that would otherwise be strewn everywhere.

This year’s new trend for streamlined kitchens also has a strong emphasis on storage. The new, so-called “concealed kitchen” takes minimalism and clever storage one step further, by concealing practically everything in your kitchen!

Quartz counter-tops

According to award-winning interior designer Lonnie Paul, granite countertops for kitchens are a thing of the past:
“Quartz is a great alternative to granite or marble because of its durability and ease of maintenance. The new styles of quartz often mimic marble so well that for some it’s hard to distinguish one from the other.” — Lonni Paul

Wrapping up

Here’s one final piece of advice. Remember that, while we all love taking inspiration from the latest trends, we all have our own personal tastes, so it is usually best to simply be guided, rather than led by them. After all, you’re the one who will have to live with the choices you make.

So, are you ready to make some changes to your home this summer? Then why not choose which of these bang-on-trend interior design ideas resonate with you, and use them to transform your living space!

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