The perfect wall covering for industrial look kitchens – Antique Mirror Splashbacks

moroccan-tiles-antique-mirror-glass-splashbackAs kitchen trends go, like all fashions, old is new and so it goes- trends are cyclical. So naturally then, antique has become contemporary and industrial…domestic (of course!). If your head isn’t spinning yet let’s be more clear, industrial look kitchen design is very much the way kitchens are going. Distressed copper doors, reclaimed stainless steel worktops and light fittings made from copper pipes and filament bulbs. Naturally then customers of course do not want perfectly white ceramic tiles or stainless steel splashbacks on their walls making them look more commercial than industrial.

The ideal wall covering of choice in 2018 was mirror splashbacks, these perfectly suited the trend for royal blue kitchens (with complimentary bronze mirror splashbacks) and matte charcoal grey (with grey tinted mirror splashbacks). 2019 is seeing incredible demand for industrial looking kitchens, mimicking (although slightly belatedly) the same look that was in every cafe and burger bar in 2017, needs a wall covering to match…Antique Mirror Splashbacks. 2020 is all change again, take a look at these acrylic kitchen splashbacks.

It has never been possible to toughen any normal mirror let alone one that is very old and distressed as the backing simply burns off in the furnace of the toughening plant. Strong demand for a product will always lead industry to find a solution though and DIY Splashbacks have found exactly that. By combining a number of processes a technique has been found to create mirrors from glass that has already been toughened. The most exciting advance though for 2019 is perhaps a way to “age” the mirror to create an antique effect. Combine these two processes with digital printing (if you wish) and the end result is a modern, but antique, domestic product that is perfectly in keeping with an industrial look kitchen. Who would have thought there would ever be a demand for that?