Glasgow Tinnitus and Hearing Event Tackles Isolation

THIS-01Last year THIS Scotland 2018 was the largest publicly attended event in the UK as part of Tinnitus Week.

THIS 2019 (Saturday 9th February) reinforces the British Tinnitus Association’s message of loneliness and isolation often experienced by those with tinnitus (and already evidenced regarding untreated hearing loss). Around one in five adults and many children experience tinnitus and impaired hearing in the UK.

Most people with tinnitus will have damage to their auditory system without any obvious hearing defects. This is not surprising as it is a gradual process and its effects can have an impact long before they become obvious. Even an untreated mild hearing impairment adds to the risk of cognitive decline, dementia and tinnitus. A hearing test should therefore be viewed as a proactive health check which offers the opportunity for early intervention.

Tinnitus Week (4 – 10 February) aims to raise the profile and understanding of this very common condition.  Most people with tinnitus only find it a mild irritant.  A significant minority however, experience severe anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. This can result in difficulties with work and relationships and may leave the individual feeling helpless and struggling to understand what they are going through. This isolation is compounded by the feeling that no-one can help them.

THIS 2019 brings together an expert panel of researchers and practitioners to showcase best practice treatments, innovative new technologies, and importantly sources of immediate help. Alan Hopkirk, Clinical Director of The Invisible Hearing Clinic, who specialises in tinnitus treatments and has organised the show for the third year says:

“Information and understanding are key. The knowledge that there is help available and more importantly how to access it is so important to those suffering from tinnitus or hearing impairment. THIS 2019 aims to deliver exactly that.”

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