Introducing the buying sector at the World Film Fair 2018

The World Film Fair will take place in October 26th-31st 2018 in New York City at the Expo Centre. It is a week long film market that will allow everyone from the film industry to come together and network.

Some aspects to expect from the World Film Fair 2018:

3,000+ New Films & Projects;
2,000+ Industry Professionals;
500+ buyers. 60+ countries. One location;
75 Film Festivals at one time in one place;
200+ Production Companies;
300+ Projects for investors;
150+ Distributors;
200+ Screenings in 5 of the top New York theatres;
30+ Investors;
50 Speakers;
50 WorkShops;

There will be many sectors at the World Film Fair including a specific sector for film buyers.
The Buyer Sector facilitates interactions, introductions, negotiations and transactions between Buyers and Filmmakers/Production Companies.

Buyers will have the ability to preview and select films from a range of dedicated film screenings hosted in local New York theatres that will be held by a variety of international film festivals.

Buyers will be able to make decisions on which films they want to purchase the rights for to be able to screen them in selected locations.

There will be opportunities for buyers to hold one on one discussions with filmmakers and scriptwriters in the private meeting rooms available at the World Film Fair venue.

At the conclusion of the World Film Fair there will be a Gala Dinner to close the week long event. This will allow all of the film professionals to meet in a formal setting and discuss further about relationships and arrangements they have made through the week. It will also be a fitting way to end the Fair before everyone departs and begins working on their new projects

For more information about what will be on offer at the World Film Fair, please visit the website at: For those interested in renting a booth at the fair, all information on the different packages available can be found on this page:


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