Tips for Planning a Huge Birthday Party

Everyone feels differently about their birthday, but if you are planning to throw a birthday party for someone who wants to blow it out you might not know what to do. Making a party special for someone who is having a birthday can easily be overthought. You want to make it a great party, but it is so easy to overdo it. You want the birthday party to be classy, elegant, fun, and celebratory. It’s a tough balance, but you can strike it. Below are some tips for planning a big birthday party.

Choose the Setting

One of the most important things you can do is think about where you will host the party. A good birthday party is held at a location other than the house of the person you’re celebrating. It isn’t very enjoyable for them to be around the mess when they’re tired and want to go to sleep. The setting could be a friend’s house, or you could rent out the back of a restaurant. What about a recreational room or something like that? You have plenty of options. Whatever money you have could be used to first find a great venue.

Decide the Vibe

Another decision you should make about the party is what the vibe will be. So many of the other decisions will be made by first deciding what kind of atmosphere you would like to have at the party. Will it be a big party or a laid-back affair? Will there be loud music? What about live music? What will you drink? If the party has liquor flowing and loud music, you know what you are getting into. Food can also be an indicator of what the party will be like. Whatever you decide, it should be about what the person whose birthday it is wants. Their personality should inform the vibe and the other decisions that are made afterward.

Think About a Live Performance

A live performance really changes the atmosphere of a party. Suddenly, the focus is on the people who are performing. Live music is typically beloved by all, but there are plenty of other options. You could even hire a magician. What about hiring dancers? A quick search for “dance near me” will enable you to find local dancers who can provide some great entertainment. Hiring live dancers changes the vibe completely. It can become classier and more sensual depending on the dancer and type of music. Whatever the person is into, a live performance is a nice touch to any party.

Consider an Activity

If the person likes to do an activity, there are plenty of options to get everyone involved. Karaoke is a very popular party activity. You could play a group game or have games available to various sections of the party. Whatever it is, having an interactive part of the party can make it a lot of fun and change the way people behave. Some people may choose to simply hang out, but if you have a group focused on an activity, there will be more structure involved in the party.

Do Cake & Presents Differently

The big mainstays of a birthday party are the cake and presents. However, this could get a little boring. You can always think about choosing a unique cake based on something the person really likes. You can put your friends or family together and buy one big gift the person needs or wants. You can skip the cake altogether and make a different dessert. Encourage people to buy the person a unique gift. It’s fine if the cake and presents are the same as usual, but a big party should have unique ways to celebrate the person.

Planning a large birthday party is a lot of work, but at the end of the day, it is formulaic. Making the party as interesting and unique as the person is can really inspire a great event. Use the person and their personality to inform the decisions. What do they like? What makes them loveable? Once you have focused on making them happy, the people who love them will also have a great time. So, when you are thinking about planning that big birthday party for someone, go all out!