Swapzone Now Has More Exchange Offers, Better Rates & One-Click Depositing

This April, a crypto exchange aggregator Swapzone levels up its game and pushes the boundaries of the instant exchange aggregation market by providing users with a plethora of new options to choose from and adding cutting-edge one-click functionality for ETH & ERC-20 deposits.

Having listed two well-known and one promising instant exchange platforms in one week, Swapzone strives to gear users up with dozens of offers to choose from and help them make an informed choice by collecting all the data on both offers and their providers. You can now proceed with lucrative deals by EasyBit and Flyp.me or give a chance to a brand-new service LetsExchange.

To create a bridge between exchange platforms and wallets, Swapzone’s also integrated WalletConnect and MetaMask, making it much easier to connect to the wallet of your choice when depositing with ETH or other ERC20 assets.

With more crypto exchange options, and advanced and cryptographically-secure wallet functionality, Swapzone hopes to polish user experience and take their crypto exchange aggregation game to the next level.

About Swapzone

Swapzone is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator with zero custody, no registration and no hidden fees. With more than 15 exchange partners integrated, it searches for available offers, sorts them out by real-time rates, speed and rating, and lets users make an in-house exchange through partners’ API.

With over 500 coins and tokens and common user flow for every exchange, Swapzone aspires to become a one-stop solution that ensures convenience, validity, and transparency and guides the community through the field full of services and tools by displaying not only deals and their rates but also information on their providers: pros & cons, KYC/AML policies, the approximate time of transaction processing.

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