Innovae, a leader in augmented reality and virtual reality for Industry 4.0

With the establishment of Industry 4.0, the fusion between the physical and digital world is presented as the future of industrial sectors. Innovae, as a technological reference for the industrial environment, promotes and contributes to the digital transformation of organizations.

Innovae is a company specialized in the development of solutions based on augmented reality and virtual reality for industrial environments. The company’s mission is to empower the workforce by providing enabling 4.0 solutions with the aim of increasing efficiency, safety and cost savings in critical areas of organizations such as training, maintenance or process control. 

With more than 16 years of experience working with augmented reality and virtual reality, Innovae has developed more than 350 projects in various sectors such as machine tools, aeronautics, automotive, energy or food, collaborating with leading companies such as Airbus, Acciona, Mercedes-Benz, Seat, Arcelor Mittal, Asepeyo, Campofrío or ABB. In addition, Innovae is an official Microsoft partner in Mixed Reality for its experience in developing high-value applications that allow clients to obtain immediate benefits. 

At Innovae, each project is carried out based on the values of technological innovation, creativity, excellence and teamwork. The company’s track record supports its ability to understand customer needs and apply the latest augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in a simple and effective way in the context of Industry 4.0. Therefore, today, in addition to developing customized projects, Innovae has standardized products of rapid implementation that allow responding to the problems of companies in an efficient and competitive manner. 


Among the solutions offered by Innovae, the products ATR and SAAM stand out, tools based on augmented reality to optimize maintenance tasks and complex industrial processes.

ATR (Remote Technical Assistant) is a collaborative platform designed to provide remote technical assistance in real time, establishing a connection between technician and expert to quickly identify the problem and facilitate its resolution. It is a tool that became particularly relevant with the setting-in of the pandemic, when direct contact and face-to-face technical support was suddenly impossible.

ATR proposed a solution completely adapted to the new reality, not only allowing remote field support to technicians, but also optimizing the technical support provided to customers. ATR is a multi-device tool (PC, smartphone, tablet and smart glasses) based on streaming technology with an intuitive interface, suitable for any user. It allows any technician in the field to be supported in real time and remotely by an expert anytime, anywhere. During the assistance, ATR allows the exchange of documents, adding visual instructions with augmented reality, capturing images, recording sessions or using a chat with instant translation to more than 40 languages.

In addition, ATR relies on the digitization of knowledge to record the actions performed during each remote assistance, so that it is possible to have repeated access to the resolution of the problem in question and to track the use of the tool. In short, through ATR, Innovae offers a solution that reduces diagnostic and problem resolution time, avoids expert travel and improves the quality of service provided to customers.

Another product that has seen its use has increase due to the pandemic is SAAM (Advanced Maintenance Support System), a solution that allows field technicians to visualize guided processes with step-by-step augmented reality instructions on maintenance operations and industrial processes to be performed.

SAAM makes it possible to digitize critical knowledge through videos, 3D animations and augmented reality and make it accessible to the operator when needed. With SAAM, centralized knowledge management and controlled dissemination of content is achieved, so that the operator can access updated information immediately from his or her device when he or she needs it.

Thus, the operator can work autonomously and efficiently. In addition, SAAM records the interventions made by each operator to ensure traceability. Consequently, SAAM maximizes the efficiency of technical interventions by standardizing operations, minimizing task times and reducing errors.   

In this undeniable shift to Industry 4.0, Innovae seeks to empower the workforce through operator-oriented solutions to increase efficiency and competitiveness. For those companies that are committed to digitization and the use of advanced technologies, ATR and SAAM are ideal opportunities that offer complete solutions that are easy to adopt, without requiring any prior knowledge.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are no longer futuristic technologies, but the present. Today, industrial adaptation to digitalization is a standard and a requirement to ensure the competitiveness of organizations.  


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