How to spend money to make you happy

Who said money can’t buy you happiness? Well, a lot of people, actually. It’s widely agreed that money alone isn’t the source of true happiness. But, if you use it wisely, it can definitely make happiness easier to find. Here’s how to spend money to make you happy.

Buy more time

Time is the one thing that money can’t buy. Or can it? If you think about it, there are a lot of ways you can use money to buy yourself more time. For example, you can pay a cleaner to come to your home a couple of times a week, giving you more time to spend enjoying yourself. Every day is precious, so spend your money on giving yourself as much free time as possible. You can also buy yourself more time by getting in shape and eating healthy. It might feel like you’re spending precious time at the gym, but it will leave you feeling re-energized and will probably make you live longer.

Invest in experiences

People that say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ have obviously never been on a jet ski. It’s impossible to feel down when you’re flying along the water at 40mph. Life is nothing but a series of experiences, so spend your money picking the best ones. Make a bucket list of things you want to try and tick them off one-by-one. At least when you’re older, you’ll have plenty of great stories to tell. Your money is much better spent on experiences than it is on that new dining table.

Spend on other people

At Christmas time, when everyone is sat around the tree, you are looking forward to seeing people open the gifts that you bought for them. That’s because giving is one of the greatest joys of life. Spending money on other people will make you feel happier than buying lavish gifts for yourself. You don’t have to spend your whole paycheck on your friends, but you can set aside some of your budget for gift-giving. This is a great way to show people that you care about them, especially if you’re not very good at showing your emotions.

Buy the things you really want

Have you ever sat down and made a shopping list for yourself? List down the things you really want to buy and see if they’re in your budget. Spending money aimlessly isn’t going to make you happy, but buying things you’ve dreamed about since you were a kid will – whether it’s an awesome used car from across the country that you can ship with or a jacuzzi. Don’t spend your money on stuff you don’t care about. But do buy the things you really want.

Donate to charity

If you’re still struggling to find ways to spend your money, why not donate some of it to charity? Over the average lifetime, the average person gives thousands to charity. But you could do one better and send a one-off donation. You can either do it anonymously or put your name on the donation. Then, you can watch your hard-earned cash do some good in the world.