How To Choose The Best PC For You?

Whether you are currently running an old and cripplingly slow PC or you are just plainly looking to upgrade your current PC with a better, more efficient piece of kit, choosing which computer to purchase can be a headache. Deciding the best PC for you and your needs requires a need to assess precisely what it is you are after. At the heart of the ever-changing landscape of technology, computers and their parts are constantly being upgraded which means there are thousands of options out there for you to take. This blog will look at the different things that you need to consider when looking for a new PC.


The first, and most important, thing to consider when choosing the best PC for yourself, is what you are looking to use the computer for. This will help you discover what is important and what you require from your next computer.

This means if it is just surfing the web or writing that you will be using your PC for, then you will rarely need a hugely high functioning device and can instead look for a PC with a high volume of RAM (random access memory) for all them internet tabs you will have open. Perhaps you are an avid gamer and are looking for the best PC for Apex Legends before taking your first steps into the exciting world of streaming? Maybe you work for a marketing agency and offer ​website design services to create user friendly and optimised sites for clients? If so, looking for a PC that can run photoshop or editing programmes will be vital? The first step before you pin down other preferences and desires is to work out precisely

what functions you will mainly be using the computer for as this will almost certainly dictate what you end up choosing – saving you time, money and hassle down the road.

Mac vs Windows

The next thing you need to work out is your preferences. This can begin with deciding which operating system you are after. A longstanding debate mac vs windows​, many PC users prefer the interface of the Mac (Apple) operating system, whilst others love the more functional and well supported Windows (Microsoft) operating system.

This decision mainly comes down to personal preference, for instance, if your whole office or peers are operating on Mac then it is worth investing in a Mac purely for the constituency in and out of the office.
For those on a smaller budget, who are looking for a more well-rounded and fluid PC, the operating system of Windows is often recommended. It’s also important to note there are other operating systems such as Linux or Ubuntu that are more niche and less powerful but will save you a pretty penny.

Laptop vs Desktop

On top of your decision between which operating system you would prefer, you will also have to make the decision between whether you would rather a laptop or a desktop. When choosing the best pc for you, this portability feature can prove to be hugely important.

Laptops are outstanding for people on the move, office workers or students, but significantly lack in specs. Alternatively, desktop stations are powerful and much better at gaming and artistic programs, desktops require the addition of space and storage and lack that portable feature that can come in handy.


Now, this feature can really be the deciding factor. When choosing the best PC for your needs you will need to address what your budget is. You can get anything from a cheap Chromebook at £200 all the way up to the high-end gaming station desktops at £2500. This means you need to figure out how much you are looking to spend whilst also allowing enough money to get what you need.

There’s no point in buying something cheaper if it does not fit your needs. Equally, there’s no point in buying a top of the range gaming PC if you aren’t going to game… If you are just working from home, providing website design services to others or plainly surfing the web you will want to match your needs with a budget that fairly reflects your usage.

Type of build

If you settle on opting for a desktop PC you will need to take into consideration what type of build it is that you are after. Would you like a pre-built computer which can be modified with components, but do tend to cost a bob? Alternatively, you could prefer looking at custom made builds whereby you construct your own components.

There are numerous websites which can do this for you, or you can go fully DIY and build your own PC by purchasing the components and building it in your house – if you do do this, then please research everything that you need and thoroughly go over the procedure, if you don’t you may face a very high bill for your ill-knowledged adventure. Choosing the best PC also comes down to what it is that you are going to use it for. If you are looking to vamp up your system to handle the best graphics and frame rates going, then building your own unit with customised GPU (graphics processing unit), RAM and CPU (central processing unit) with an advanced cooling system is necessary. Alternatively, if you are just looking to run things like photoshop or music software, then a PC with lots of storage and easy interface is probably your better bet, with pre-built store-bought Macs outperforming most Windows PC’s in this field.


Overall, channeling precisely your needs and wants from the PC is ultimately the most important step when choosing the best PC for yourself.
Whilst there are numerous other things to weigh up and contend with, the functionality of your PC is the ultimate decider when it comes to purchasing your next computer.

It’s a fine balance between having enough technology for what it is you want to do, but also not going overboard so you don’t use the technology that you have.
So, you need to decide what it is you really want from this technological relationship. Are you a gamer, an office worker, a performer, an artist, an author or just someone looking to surf the web? Follow this guide and ensure that you purchase the best PC for you. Go here for more.

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