Things To Consider Before Playing Slots

If you ask anyone for advice when it comes to playing slots, then the most common answers you will get would be to keep it fun and play within your budget. You should go into gambling with the attitude that you are more likely to lose than win. With this attitude you are less likely to overspend or chase your losses and you won’t get angry when you lose. Betting angrily to get your revenge on a slot game that has taken your money, is a sure fire way of spiraling down into the slippery slopes of heavy financial losses. If you still want to dip your toes in the slots world then there are unfortunately, yet more things to consider – play now.

A Cautious Approach Is Best

The appeal of slots is that they are unpredictable, yet the simplicity of them allows anyone and everyone to fully understand them, when they are played. Before you get totally immersed into slots you must consider these three important factors first. Slots can be extremely addictive and if you have suffered from addiction in the past, then giving these games a miss will only be of benefit to you.

Secondly, does your financial situation allow you to gamble? Slots are gambling at high speed and you can go through hundreds of pounds and spins in no time. If you are not financially comfortable, then slots should be avoided. Or at the very least, you should take advantage of responsible gambling tools like deposit and loss limit aids that can be set on your account.

Thirdly, slots by their very nature give the house an edge over the punter. This is usually a small percentage but it helps land-based and online casinos stay in business. Every spin is still random but because of all the possible symbol combinations on the reels, the odds are against the punter.

The Random Number Generator

Since slots went digital, it is impossible to discover a winning formula. This is because every spin is randomly generated by an RNG. This is better known as the Random Number Generator and this microchip generates numbers all the time. It’s these number sequences that generate the spins and your luck is in the hands of these number sequences being favourable to you. 

Return To Player Percentage

There are low volatile or high volatile slots. The first will give you frequent low value wins. The latter is more unpredictable and pays out less frequently. The best place to start is to select a slot that has the highest RTP percentage. This is also known as the Return To Player percentage. The higher the percentage, the more likely you are to get winning spins and a reasonable percentage of your stake returned.

Final Thoughts

If you are happy that you can afford to play a small part of your income on slots then they can be fun and you could even bag yourself some extra cash. However, slots that are highly volatile and have low RTP scores should be left to high roller thrill seekers.

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