How to Spice Things up After Marriage

The modern world encourages us not to be shy about talking to a partner about our sexual desires. Unfortunately, most marriages are still falling apart due to fading passion and unwillingness to diversify intimate life. If you have had to deal with a similar problem, we do not urge you to rush to extremes, offering your beloved role-playing games in the style of “50 shades of gray.” We will remind you of 39 basic rules that will help you relax and better understand your partner.

  • 39 tips to spice up your intimate life after marriage
  1. The main thing in an intimate relationship is honesty — before you simulate an orgasm for the first time, remember that you will have to repeat it repeatedly.
  2. Alternate tenderness with rudeness.
  3. Do it to music: from the classics to the soundtrack from Nymphomaniac.
  4. Experiment with the location: let it be a kitchen table or a washing machine today.
  5. Sex in public places seems wild to many until you start Russian dating. A cozy park or a fitting room are perfect options.
  6. If you want certain actions from your partner (for example, blindfold you), do it with them, and your beloved will get the hint.
  7. Often your mutual pleasure depends not on the technique of performing actions but on enthusiasm.
  8. Relax and agree that you will take turns acting the way you like. For instance, each of you will be on top for 15 minutes.
  9. Periodically arrange body orientation sessions — smoothly explore each other’s sensitive areas.
  10. If you think that the initiative should always come from a man, you are mistaken.
  11. Lack of sex affects your emotional state, so do not allow yourself to make it routine.
  12. Use lubricants. Buy not only products with different aromas but also with a warming or cooling effect.
  13. Even new bedding influences your mood. Give preference to dense, solid color cotton.
  14. Talk during sex: start with innocent, even timid, whispered phrases. Gradually, you will develop your language.
  15. Pay attention to the little things: body language, facial expressions, and your partner’s reactions guide you in the right direction.
  16. Follow the example of movie characters: watching an erotic film together will set you in the right mood.
  17. Both partners should remember about hair removal if they agree that they do not enjoy body hair on another one.
  18. The first step to new sensations is beautiful underwear. Women should choose less lace but more sheer fabrics. Stockings are essential too.
  19. Many people get turned on by sex in the light. Do not deny your partner this pleasure.
  20. Let them look at your body.
  21. Sex in front of a mirror is the most common fantasy. You will also like it.
  22. Begin to subtly seduce your spouse in the restaurant or on the way home — this will guarantee an unforgettable night.
  23. Massage is the most harmless, relaxing, and effective foreplay.
  24. According to statistics, men are more excited in the morning, so the most important thing after waking up is not breakfast.
  25. Eye contact is everything.
  26. Visit sex shops together. It’s a fun and adult thing to do.
  27. Do not be afraid to use intimate toys during sex. They give new sensations.
  28. Always remember that your secret weapon after an argument, no matter how it ends, is sex. But don’t get carried away.
  29. You can train the partner to do it at your own pace. Just ask them to relax and have fun.
  30. Go to sex training together. You will be surprised at how interesting it is to learn the science of sex in theory, and then consolidate in practice.
  31. Be selfish at times. When you enjoy every moment, the whole process transforms into pleasure.
  32. Smells are exciting. Let the spouse associate sex with the scent of your perfume or oil, which you put on ten minutes before.
  33. Change algorithms. Starting with the sounds you make in bed, ending with the poses in which you reach the peak.
  34. Spend a few days separately. This will increase attachment and desire.
    35.Sex text at work, remembering the details of the last night, or send each other sexy photos. Sexting, virtual sex, and nudes should be a norm for married couples.
  1. Do not neglect fast, passionate sex — it always evokes adrenaline.
  2. Wake your partner up at night and start with light strokes. The surprise effect heightens emotions.
  3. Shoot your home video. Just don’t forget to hide it in a secret folder later.
  4. Each week fulfill each other’s new fantasy.
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