Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: From a Key Chain Set to The Star in the Sky

The wedding anniversary is one of the most important dates of married life. Would you like to turn this day into a special occasion? We have a couple of ideas for you.

Choosing a Gift According to the Number of Years Lived Together

Have you known that each anniversary date is connected to a definite kind of material? For example, the 1st year of married life is called a paper wedding anniversary, the 2nd one is the cotton anniversary and the third year of your married life has the name of the leather anniversary.

The idea is simple. The more years you live together, the stronger and more precious your marriage becomes. If you have managed to live together for 60 years then you will be able to celebrate a diamond anniversary.

It would be a nice idea to choose a gift made of the material your anniversary is dedicated to. But it is not a compulsory rule to be followed. Choose the present to your liking. We’ll only give you some hints.

5 Ideas of Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1. A Wall Clock

It can be made of wood, plastic, iron, or even paper. Choose the proper variant for your anniversary. The clock shows the time and serves as a décor of your interior.

2. Hidden Message Chain Bracelet

A stylish bracelet will be not only a nice-looking accessory. It will contain a hidden message that can be read by your best half only. Order the bracelet with the carving “I love you”, “You are my everything” or some other writing that is hidden and can be read by your mate.

3. Puzzle Key Chain Set

Even a trifle can be a perfect present for you both. For example, a simple keychain that is divided into 2 parts and is made as two pieces of a puzzle. It will remind both of you about your feelings for each other even if you are apart.

4. Emotion as a Gift

What if your gift wouldn’t be tangible? Emotions can also be an unforgettable and breath-taking present. There are special services that suggest ordering and presenting emotions to your beloved ones. You can buy any workshop session, a gift certificate that allows visiting a beautician or you are welcome to buy tickets to the cinema, theatre or exhibition.

5. Name a Star Memorial Gift – the Best Present Ever

Name a star after your other half and present it as a memorial gift. Our galaxy is a beautiful masterpiece. Just look up at the night sky and you will see the clusters of lambent stars. Have you known that there are more than 100 billion stars in our universe? One of them can be named after your close special someone. We are sure that he or she deserves such a unique present. Let it become one more unforgettable moment in your life.

What Are the Advantages of Naming a Star?

There are a lot of reasons to buy a star. The starry sky has been observing your love story from the very beginning. And you have always admired the beauty of the night sky, haven’t you? Now it’s high time to leave your trace in the history of our universe and add a new chapter to your relationships. There are several reasons why it is worth naming a star as an anniversary gift.


If you don’t like trivial presents, you will appreciate such an unusual idea of commemorating your special day. That gift will be highly appreciated not only by romantic and airy-fairy people. Broad-minded and down-to-earth personalities will value the scientific nature of the gift as well.


By naming a star after your dearest one you create a new space story. It will be your contribution to the endless galaxy development. And of course, it will become an unexpected and one-of-a-kind present.

Everlasting gift

The stars can live millions, billiards, and trillions of years. So you can count on the almost eternal effect of your present. Your feelings to the person you love reflected in the name of the star will last forever.

Reasonable price

To present a star is not that expensive as it may seem. You can choose different star gift packs at a diverse price rate, starting from 35$.

The Diversity of Stellar Offers

There is a large variety of offers for you. Choose the one that suits the occasion the best.

Traditional Star Gift Pack

You need to pay only 34.9$ to adopt a real star in space. By ordering this star gift pack you give the name to the star that can be perfectly seen from any point on the Earth. No matter what the season is now or where you are staying at the moment, you can see your star and it will always be with you.

The Stars of Zodiac Gift Pack

This offer includes buying a star in a constellation. All you need is to choose a Zodiac sign and name one of the stars that belong to it. This offer is very reasonable. A constellation is easier to find in the night sky than a single star. The price of this offer is also rational. To buy this gift pack you need to pay only 49.90$.

Binary Star Gift Pack

This pack is especially eligible for a married couple. The matter is in the unusual nature of a binary star. It is a double star that consists of two stars. They are connected due to the power of gravitation. They have a common center of mass and are orbiting around it. This gift is a great idea to celebrate your wedding anniversary. The price is quite affordable – 69.90$.

Custom Star Map Gift Pack

You will have an opportunity to make a custom star map only for 35$. It will help you to make the most precious moments of your married life last forever. The custom star map reflects the exact star alignment of the night. When it is ready, the only thing to do is to register the location and time of the special occasion.

How Does the Star Gift Look Like?

Presenting a star, you are to be sure that it looks distinguished. The star gift pack includes several parts.

  • Official registration. The name of the star will be registered in the Cosmonova’s Star Database. It will become an endless honor and the most precious gift.
  • Star certificate. It is an official document confirming the fact that the star was named after your beloved person. The certificate looks attractive. It is beautifully printed and personalized.
  • A digital copy of the Star Certificate. You will receive it as soon as you have named your star.
  • A Star Map. The map is of the best-printed quality. Looking at it you can easily find the star you have registered.

If the idea to name a star after your dearest person and present it as a memorial gift is a last-minute decision, you will be sent a digital certificate to your e-mail address.

You can name a single or binary star after the person you are married to. Or you are welcome to capture the happiest moment of your marriage and register it on the star map. It’s your choice. The starry sky is not that far as you think. You can touch the galaxy right now. Write your best half’s name in the history of the Universe.