The Ultimate Non Fungible Token – ‘Do You Want To See One Million?’ Is the Photograph That Cannot Be Viewed

London, May 26, 2021: The Art Wall Publishing Company announced that the million-dollar-photograph, ‘Do You Want To See One Million?,’ by the East End photographic artist, Roger Molloy, aka ‘Puckish,’ is to be auctioned in June as an NFT, through an auction house soon to be disclosed. The photograph, which contains a one-million-dollar-sign-matrix (1,000 by 1,000) is the ultimate NFT, because it is a photograph that can only be viewed with a magnifying glass due to the density of the image.
Do You Want To See One Million?:
There are few photographs that break the mold, as Roger’s, ‘Do You Want To See One Million?,’ and the image’s plaintive, yet over-the-top decadence, will not be lost on only collectors of unique images, as many bankers, brokers and investment executives will want to own this one-million dollar work of art. The printed image size is: Height 210 cm. by width 125 cm. (84” by 50”)
From Shoreditch to Paris:
For well over two decades, Molloy has roamed the streets of Hackney, taking candid images of locals and tourists, with his work featuring on the the iconic Shoreditch Art Wall, as well as, being one of five artists commissioned by Printemps, Paris to create an in-store photographic collage for their flagship store for ‘Paris Fashion Week.’
Peter Mackeonis, of the Art Wall Company, commented, “Roger is a true artist. His vision of the world is collage-based, and his humor shows in both his work and the videos that he creates to supplement each pieceThe Non Fungible Token of DYWTSOM? will be a true investment piece and will include both the image of the work, along with its accompanying video.”
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