When Relationship Becomes a Mind Game

When Relationship Becomes a Mind Game



Milton Keynes, United Kingdom,  Book launch on 27 July 2020 – When relationships become minds game, would two heads feel better than a mind?
The author’s colleagues in the creative art industry describe him as an Enigma. Bode Mesh has employed a unique descriptive style, humour, suspense and wild imagination in For the sake of My Friend, his fictional love story.

For The Sake of My Friend has its setting in Milton Keynes, a modern city created at the outskirts of London in 1967 to decongest the housing and overburdened transports system. The plots tell how a simple bid to help a friend out of a difficult situation had turned to a series of events that exposed each character’s tendency to be disloyal to their partners.

The reality of its locations makes the book quite engaging, especially to readers who have lived or been to Watford Junction, Milton Keynes and the architectural landmark, Xscape MK.

Bode Mesh has developed screenplays and worked as Assistant Director in a couple of Nollywood movies before relocating to the UK in early 2000. He is a part of the pioneers of the African film industry in Nigeria.

He currently works as a freelance Digital Artist after over 30 years of working as a Visualiser and rising to an Art Director position with several top Advertising Agencies including Rosabel, BBDO and McCann.

ISBN 979-8663701631

For pre-orders the book, please visit the link below:
United Kingdom: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08CCHJLDW
United States: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CCHJLDW
e-mail: friendsake@bodemesh.com
To arrange an interview, contact Bode Mesh at bode@swiftail.com

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