A new no-touch tool for commuters – TouchSafe Transit

Commuters on public transport can now protect themselves from picking up germs from overhead and vertical handrails and grab bars on trains, tubes, trams, and buses as well as other common touchpoints like door and lift buttons and ticket machines with the new TouchSafe Transit.

TouchSafe Transit is an antimicrobial handguard specially designed for commuting.

The uniquely shaped handguard fits over rails and poles to shield your hands from direct contact with the surfaces and has a nib for buttons and touchscreens – up to 80% of infections are transmitted by hand.1 It helps prevent the transfer of germs to your face, where they can enter the body, as well as onward transmission to other people and surfaces.

TouchSafe Transit reduces the surface area of contact by as much as 80% compared with a hand. Its antimicrobial properties kill over 80% of bacteria in just 15 minutes and up to 99.99% in two hours as well as some viruses. Research shows that during flu outbreaks, people using public transport were six times more likely to pick up an acute respiratory infection.2

It can also be used in the office and when out and about on door handles as well as shopping trolleys if you need to pop to the shops on your way home.

TouchSafe Transit is the sister product of the TouchSafe handguard launched recently. The idea for both was conceived by GP, Dr Stephen Bright in response to the current Covid-19 outbreak.

Says Dr Bright: “Public transport is a prime environment for a disease like coronavirus, which can be spread by droplets which land on shared surfaces. If you don’t get germs on your hands, you won’t spread them. Many commuters may resort to wearing gloves, but they will still touch their faces without realising it – up to 23 times an hour3 – other surfaces and other people.

“There’s no easy access to handwashing facilities while commuting and it can be impractical to use sanitiser if you’re standing up on busy public transport. TouchSafe Transit helps keep you safer while travelling and between hand washing.”

TouchSafe Transit comes with an easy clean wrist strap. It should be cleaned daily with soap and water for 20 seconds or it can be put in the dishwasher. It has been developed by OGM, an approved UK manufacturer of medical equipment.

TouchSafe Transit costs £6.99 and is available at breathesafe.uk.com/touchsafe and amazon.co.uk.

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