How to Make Sure You’re Safe Going Back to Work

With the lockdown finally easing, employees are beginning to return to work. Understandably, many are concerned about the level of safety in the workplace.

The coronavirus hasn’t gone away, meaning businesses have had to make adjustments to the working environment. However, there is still a level of uncertainty over just how safe workers will be.

If you’re worried about your impending return to work, here you’ll discover how to ensure you’re safe.

Maintain social distancing rules

One of the best ways to keep yourself protected is to maintain social distancing rules. The official guidance for employers is to keep workers 2m apart where possible. Where it isn’t possible, 1m distances should be maintained.

The reason social distancing is so important is because you can’t guarantee other workers won’t develop the virus. In some cases, people have been misdiagnosed believing they don’t have Covid-19. If a worker was misdiagnosed, without social distancing they could infect the entire workplace. So, approaching other workers with caution is advised.

Protect yourself with PPE

Employers do have a responsibility to provide workers with relevant PPE where they are at risk. However, if your workplace isn’t providing them, you can always use your own.

Wearing a mask and gloves can help keep you safe in the workplace. There are a lot of PPE options out there now so you’re sure to find something comfortable you can wear.

Keep your workspace sanitised

As part of the official guidance provided to employers, sanitation needs to be a top priority. While it is down to your employer to provide sanitary practices, it is down to you to enforce them.

This includes wearing your own PPE equipment if it isn’t provided. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of you doing your job, your employer shouldn’t have an issue with you wearing PPE where appropriate.

You’ll also want to spend time wiping down your work area throughout the day. Regular handwashing will also protect you from picking up germs. Your employer should have set up sanitation practices. However, you could always take your own sanitiser if preferred.

It can be daunting returning to the workplace when the virus is still out there. However, with the right safety measures in place, your risk of catching Covid-19 is low. Maintaining social distancing, wearing PPE and keeping on top of sanitation will all help to keep you well protected.