New Board Game Rescuing Robin Hood Brings Families Together

Rescuing Robin Hood is the latest board game by Castillo Games. Rescuing Robin Hood is a collaborative deck-building game for 1-5 players ages 10+ and takes 20 minutes per player. It combines the deck-building of Dominion, the collaboration of Pandemic and the press your luck thrill of Black Jack, woven together in a beautiful story of hope amidst adversity.

Taxed into ruin, dozens of villagers have been arrested by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Desperate, the villagers look to Robin Hood to save them, but in true 2020 fashion, he’s been captured too!

Yet there is hope! It’s time to rescue villagers using your Wit, Stealth, Brawn and Jolliness. As you rescue villagers, your Band grows and you prepare to Rescue Robin Hood!

Rescuing Robin Hood is currently on Kickstarter for funding to manufacture the game. Backers will receive a physical copy of the game for $30. It is available on Kickstarter until December 3rd.

The game has been well received by reviewers. “Rescuing Robin Hood is by far one of my favorite games of 2020! … I think this game easily replaces something like Catan,” says Louie Martinez, a reviewer from Circle of Nerds. Chris Goodlet from The Charity Board Gamer echoes the sentiment: “This was a fun solid experience. I think this is worthy of being on your family’s table and deserves your backing. The art is playful, the game play is easy to follow and I truly had a great time!”

Bryce Brown, CEO of Castillo Games, says, “We are looking to bring families together this holiday season.” The company is making its online version of Rescuing Robin Hood available for free from now until November 30th. Families and friends can begin a Thanksgiving tradition filled with hope, playing online this year and enjoying a physical copy next year. Details are available on the Kickstarter page.

Rescuing Robin Hood Details

Player Count: 1-5 players

Playtime: 20 minutes per player

Ages: 10+






About Castillo Games

Based in Madison, Wisconsin and founded in 2020, Castillo Games it is an organization founded on hope with a vision of bringing joy to thousands around the world. Castillo Games creates strategic family games with historical themes.

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