Staphyt expands global reach with new Brazilian regulatory affairs division

Staphyt, one of the world’s leading CRO’s, announces the opening of a new office in Brazil. This, the latest in the expansion of its Regulatory Affairs Division will see Staphyt Brazil acting under the direction of Staphyt UK Ltd, through its main Regulatory Affairs office in Wetherby (HQ in Oxford), the head office of its global Regulatory Affairs Business unit.

The Staphyt Brazilian branch will offer specialist regulatory guidance including strategy, risk assessment, and the preparation of registration dossiers in areas ranging from agriculture to general chemistry. This new office is the latest addition in the expansion of Staphyt’s global network providing valuable opportunities for this important emerging market. Its presence in the country will help attract vital investment interest as well as offering additional assurances and fast-tracked business support for those looking to navigate the often complex European and international regulatory landscape.

With a solid reputation for its professional and highly specialised services, including field experimentation, and regulatory affairs, Staphyt’s scope also extends to a wide range of agrosciences resources including product testing, obtaining market authorisation, as well as conducting laboratory, greenhouse and field trials conducted through its own network of experts.

Staphyt was established in 1989.
 For the year ending 2019, Staphyt reported a consolidated turnover of 41m Euros.
 Staphyt is a family-owned, mid-sized company currently employing over 440 staff across its worldwide operations.
The company operates on a global level across four continents (Europe, Australasia, Africa and America) and 36 countries (21 through partnership agreements, and 19 directly), working with local representatives and affiliates.
The company remains dedicated to the advancement of its long-term Corporate Social Responsibility strategic vision and holistic approach to business.

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