All You Need to Know About Beard Grooming

Having a beard is often regarded as a mark of strength and elegance. The trend of growing a beard is on the rise again, as it gives one a graceful and highly desirable appearance. There are also newly discovered medical advantages to it that compel people to start growing one. People who shave off natural facial hair often complain of blemishes, acne, and shaving scars that last for a long time. For these reasons, many men have taken to growing out their beards. However, looking after it can be tricky, and if you have, must have observed how quickly it turns into a pointy scruff if left for a few days. This change is because beard hair is short and can trap bacteria in between if not cared for properly. It also gives an irritable skin and damages your personal hygiene. It is vital to look after your beard by trimming or grooming it regularly to stay on the safe side. You can refer to Billy Jealousy for some amazing products that you can utilize in maintaining the elegance and health of your beard.

Why Is Grooming Essential?

Hair is primarily made from a protein called keratin, which is produced by your hair follicles. They also excrete natural oils that can make the hair look greasy if not washed at times. Grooming a beard keeps it tamed, soft, and clean. Using the best beard wax Australia can enhance your grooming routine. It reduces the risk of microbes like bacteria getting trapped and triggering infections. Prevention of infection is vital for obvious reasons like the itch, bruises, and flakes that accompany it. You may have to shave off the entire beard if an infection worsens, so it is crucial to look after the hair regularly by trimming it. Besides, trimming hair also keeps it in a shape that complements your facial features and mustache. It appears polished and neat instead of messy and shabby.

How to Groom Your Beard?

Some people have the misconception that grooming requires expertise and professional skills, so they only trust their hairstylists to do it. While it is true that grooming the beard properly is an art, it is not always possible or affordable to rely on a professional stylist. To avoid having a rugged appearance like Hagrid when your stylist is out of town or you are running low on budget, you should know how to look after your beard.You should groom the beard according to your face shape, so it looks natural and adds to your elegance instead of robbing from it. Men with triangular faces for stubble and short facial hair as it gives them a neat appearance. Likewise, a circular beard looks better on square faces because it keeps the jawline under the spotlight. Once you know which shape suits you, you can start trimming by taking a disinfected beard trimmer. Examine the hair shape and length, then snip off the extra growth that looks bulky. Make sure you trim all areas around the mouth and neckline. Brushing it thoroughly and applying a moisturizer or beard butter once you are done is a good idea.