What Is Enterprise File Sharing And Why Do You Need It?

The enterprise file synchronization and sharing are directed towards the software services that allow all the companies to share documents, photos, and videos from various devices. It also enables the companies to synchronize their files securely without experiencing any issues. Under the enterprise file sharing and synchronization, you will come across the workflow feature that will enable you to track down documents, make comments, and edit files. You will also encounter security capabilities, such as containerization, data encryption, authentication. Several enterprises secure file sharing services enable ITs to set up granular access policies on who can gain access.

Enterprise files sharing: Why do you need it?

There are many reasons to opt for enterprise file synchronization and sharing. To know what are these reasons, check the information provided below.

  1. Secure file sharing option:

When organizations do not offer file share and sync services, it enables the employees to use their tool, which they are pretty familiar with. IT or information technology do not have control over how the data gets shared or stored and might be notified about jeopardized data until it’s extremely late. For such reasons, you need EFSS or Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization service. It will simplify the personal-file sharing services and comes with enterprise-oriented features that will increase productivity. You will receive on-premises cloud storage options, real-time tracking, integration with enterprise directory services, and many more.

  1. You can access it from anywhere:

You will no longer be limited to a single corporate-owned device to get all your work done within a given time frame. When you have EFSS beside you can gain access from any device or location whenever you need. This will provide a consumer-like experience and also enable you to obtain mobile work styles. Doing so will help you sync files through all devices and get to access them no matter where you are located.

  1. Disaster recovery and data loss prevention:

If you store and manage your data centrally through an EFSS service, it will keep your data protected from cybersecurity attacks, data leakages, employee error or stolen, and data loss. It stands out as one of the best options when you want to keep your data secured and don’t want to lose any of it. Apart from that, it will also provide a backup feature for your data.

  1. Collaboration and document workflows:

These days the Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization services are evolving. It will enable the service to include collaboration and document workflow capabilities. Some of the capabilities you will get are legally binding all the e-signatures, and provide workflow automation with approval and feedback processes along with built-in-co-authoring.

The service will also provide version control, which will enable all the employees to track down the changes within a document through numerous devices and data sources. It will also provide automated notifications that will help in reminding users about approval or review requests.

Final thoughts

The Enterprise File Sharing services have become relatively popular in today’s market. All big, small, and medium-sized companies are opting for this particular service. The service will enable them to share all their essential documents securely, and it supports both the platforms of Linux and Windows.

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