ExSeed puts men’s fertility at the forefront with their at-home sperm tests

ExSeed puts men’s fertility at the forefront with their at-home sperm tests

Since launching in 2017, health tech brand ExSeed has made it their mission to put male fertility centre stage and empower men with knowledge about their sperm health.

A recent ExSeed survey of 300 men who were trying or thinking about starting a family, revealed that 73% have no knowledge of their sperm quality. Sperm regenerates every 72 days, meaning prospective fathers have every opportunity to improve their fertility ahead of trying for a baby. But only if they know they need to – and how to do it.

The ExSeed at-home sperm test offers the perfect way for men to find out about their sperm health – without the commitment of attending a fertility clinic, the embarrassment factor of having to chat about sperm with a doctor or the worry factor of using NHS/medical services at the moment. The innovative technology allows users to give a sperm sample in the comfort of their own home and get results instantly, using only their phone and the ExSeed App. They are then able to access expert-driven advice, tailored to their personal lifestyle circumstances, that may help them increase their sperm quality. The brand also offers a cookbook, supplements and a 90 Day Bootcamp course, to support men on their journey.

ExSeed user Mike Bird is hoping to become a father next year. “I used the ExSeed at-home sperm test and found out I had low sperm motility – they weren’t swimming fast enough. Getting the results before we started trying has given me time to make some important lifestyle changes. I’ve adapted my diet and have started taking ExSeed’s multi-vitamins and I’m seeing improvements already.” 

Only 26% of the ExSeed survey’s participants were found to have optimal lifestyles for sperm quality and count. The majority could make simple changes that would increase their fertility, including changing unhealthy eating habits and increasing levels of exercise, the areas most men in the survey were falling short on. Other key factors that can impact sperm health include stress, heat exposure and smoking, all of which can be addressed as part of a healthy lifestyle plan. But first, men need to understand where the issues lie and get expert advice on where improvements could be made.

Comedian Rhod Gilbert’s recent BBC documentary shone a light on the issue of male infertility and is finally encouraging the UK’s men to talk about this important topic. His personal story echoed that of many would-be fathers – that despite being 50% of the equation, they are often side-lined during the process and aren’t accessing important information about their sperm health.

ExSeed is on a mission to change this. Their at-home sperm test gives men the opportunity to take control of their road to fatherhood and improve their fertility through a healthy lifestyle – increasing their chances of conceiving naturally.

Co-Founder Morten G. Ulsted is confident that this proactive approach to fertility will help more men become fathers in the future. “At ExSeed we believe that knowledge is power. We want to help men understand their sperm health and make changes to improve it – before they start trying for a baby. Our at-home tests are perfect for would-be fathers – they can now take the first step on their fertility journey, without even leaving the house.”   

ExSeed Fact Sheet

ExSeed launched their CE certified home sperm testing kit to consumers and clinics in 2020 and have already helped thousands of men take control of their fertility health. Through their scientifically proven testing and expert insights, they are able to help men improve their sperm health.

About ExSeed:

ExSeed is a pioneer in the male fertility space, which has developed a state-of-the-art device, enabling men to analyse and improve their sperm quality from the comfort of their own home.

ExSeed uses the latest scientific advances to offer a range of innovative products, enabling men and couples to take ownership of their reproductive health. They have developed advanced technologies which, in conjunction with doctors and clinics, will soon have a hugely positive impact on the treatment of male infertility worldwide. The company was founded by Emil Andersen, Morten G. Ulsted, and Daniel Daugaard-Jensen, all of whom bring a wealth of healthcare and pharma experience, as well as a passion for improving male fertility.

About the research:

An online survey was conducted by ExSeed through their website. The research took place between October 2020 and February 2021. A thorough questionnaire used a variety of questions to score men’s lifestyle habits and then categorised the results into low, moderate, or optimum lifestyle results. The research permitted participants to keep their identity and location anonymous.

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