Is having a pet reptile worth the cost and time?

Is having a pet reptile worth the cost and time?

No matter what kind of pet you have, owning one takes money, time, and sometimes, quite a bit of patience. The responsibility of caring for a living creature innately requires some level of sacrifice; financial, material belongings, etc. Despite this, people still love the concept of having pets. Why? Sometimes it’s because of the sense of feeling needed. For others, it’s the joy of earning an animal’s affection and having a loyal companion. Reptiles make wonderful pets, but they’re fairly independent creatures. Further, their simplistic, instinct-driven behavior leaves little room for emotions like love or affection. They don’t embody the traditional reasons why someone would want a pet, so is having a pet reptile worth the cost and time? Yes! 

Alternative Pets Aren’t New

Dogs and cats may still dominate as the most common choice of pet, but the gap is getting smaller. Reptiles are a part of the growing exotic pet industry and have become increasingly popular, as more and more households have opened up to the idea of alternative types of pets. This is due to a recognition that a “good pet” can exist outside of the interactions with openly affectionate animals. 

Sound radical? Non-affectionate or non-interactive pets have been viable pet options for thousands of years.  The ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and Chinese who kept pet fish, are some of the earliest examples. Although these aquatic creatures were not necessarily ones that someone could play with or train, these early civilizations found enjoyment simply in keeping beautiful animals around them. In modern times, fish account for 12% of animals kept as pets.  

Reptiles, in comparison, are far more interactive, intelligent, entertaining, and overall, far more capable of actually forming a bond with. 

Why Reptiles Make Great Pets

A major part of what makes a pet reptile worth having are the very same factors that make it different from the experience of owning the typical dog or cat. They are far lower maintenance, considerably less expensive, their physical appearance has a level of customizability that is unrivaled–the list goes on and on. To truly appreciate why reptiles make great pets, one has to look at them through a fair scope, not one that compares them to other types of animal-owning experiences. 

Reptiles Are Less Expensive

Is a reptile worth the cost? Let’s take a look at what those costs are. The most expensive part of owning reptiles is the one-time, upfront costs: buying the reptile itself and its enclosure. Beyond that, the cost of upkeep is minimal. Many reptiles eat produce and insects and can be fed for pennies a day. Others like snakes that primarily live off rodents, have costlier food, but eat so infrequently that costs can still come out to less than $15 a month. There’s no need to buy treats to incentivize them to start (or stop) certain behavior or to buy toys to keep them entertained. Once your reptile’s habitat has been set up, they are quite self-sufficient needing little more from you than to ensure they are warm and fed. 

Less of a Time Commitment

Dogs, cats, birds, small mammals often require supervision or some sort of human interaction for their well-being. Most reptiles, however, do not and are perfectly fine when left to their own devices. This saves their owners the need for constant and regular checkups.  There is no separation anxiety between a reptile and its owner. While it may not run to the door when its owner gets home, there’s no harm done when said owner isn’t seen for a few days. Reptiles owners can be more spontaneous and don’t have to be as tethered to their home as they would for a more involved pet.

Easy To Accommodate

Most pet reptiles don’t require big spaces to roam about–or any space for that matter. Instead, they happily spend the majority of their lives in glass tanks with relatively small square footage. This makes them easy to accommodate into nearly any housing situation, no matter how cramped (and isn’t something you could say about a dog or cat, however). Not only are reptiles ideal pets for small spaces like studio apartments or dorm rooms, but by always being in a contained space they make it easy for owners to have peace of mind about their pet’s whereabouts.   

Where To Find Reptiles For Sale

The beauty of reptile ownership is found in many of the aspects that make it different from owning a typical pet. However, the excitement that comes from such a novel pet-owning experience isn’t something that can be described. One must own a reptile to truly understand. Fortunately, the growing popularity of these creatures makes it easy. You can find reptiles for sale online at specialty online shops like XYZReptiles. There you’ll find an incredible variety of the best reptile pets and all the equipment needed to get you started.