Caroline Parish of Rhythm In Beads releases Autumn Collection ‘Safe and Secure’ Rhythm Beads

Rhythm Beads are basically jewellery for horses; and a little crazy, yes?

However they do have a very real purpose. Inspired by Native American designs; rhythm beads have several uses; from calming nervous riders and spooky horses to help the rider keep in a consistent rhythm.

‘I really can’t recommend them enough. I can now canter down the headlands on my spooky mare, without her shying or trying to bolt’. Janette Clennett via Facebook.

DERBY August 22nd 2019

Caroline Parish from Rhythm In Beads is releasing the brand new ‘Safe and Secure’ autumn collection and each product will be individually made by the designer herself. The Safe and Secure collection will be released on 22nd August 2019.

Rhythm In Beads is known for helping spooky/nervous horses and their riders, so they can feel calm and connected, working together in harmony.

Thus, for the first time Rhythm In Beads has created an entire product line of rhythm beads, designed with safety and security in mind. The new Safe and Secure autumn collection is scheduled to go live on august 22nd 2019.

Creating a talking point amongst horse riders globally, Rhythm In Beads is expected to sell out of their autumn ‘Safe and Secure’ collection of Native American inspired rhythm beads, designed with nervous riders and spooky horses in mind.

The collection will be sold exclusively on the website where the limited products are scheduled to sell out by the end of the season.

The ‘Safe and Secure’ autumn collection is designed to showcase a range of rhythm beads in both Earthy/ natural and neon/bright shades, that make both horses and riders feel relaxed and more confident as they ride.

Team Bright: several products come in bright/neon colours to help horse and rider be more visible to motorists; an ever growing problem faced by today’s horse riding community. The built in paracord neck strap gives added security and stability to the rider.
Team Earthy: other styles of rhythm beads come in more neutral colours, but still have the built in paracord handle/strap for greater security and confidence.

Each individual set of rhythm beads has its own name, inspired by real horses. A few examples are:

Brave: rhythm beads with paracord safety handle, available in 3 colourways: black/red, black/purple, black/turquoise. Brave combines the benefits of rhythm beads with the safety features of a sturdy neck strap. Enabling the rider to grab the strap easily should the horse spook, or to help with balance in the saddle, for riders who feel a little insecure.

Magic: rhythm beads have the further advantage of being made in bright neon colours; enabling the horse and rider to be more easily visible to motorists. A valuable feature on our ever- increasingly busy roads. Available in 4 neon colours, with matching mane and tail beads, designed to be seen from behind and the side, again keeping rider safety in the forefront of drivers minds.

Apache: rhythm beads in Native American inspired colours, with paracord safety handle/strap. Available in 3 colourways.

Jewel: bright coloured rhythm beads with paracord handle/strap. Available in red, purple, teal, blue.

Rebel: paracord wither strap for attaching to D rings on saddle.

‘Safe and Secure’ collection ranges in price from £16 to £75

Caroline Parish is excited to welcome her fans to her new handmade product line ‘Safe and Secure’ collection they have been requesting.

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About Rhythm In Beads
Caroline Parish started designing rhythm beads after she was faced with a very real problem: loss of confidence when riding. After many months of creating rhythm beads by hand, Caroline’s products started gaining notoriety amongst the horse riding community.