The Birds You Can Deter with Anti-Bird Netting in Essex

Being able to observe birds in their natural environment is a great thing. But, the last place you want to see them is around your property. From leaving guano everywhere to being noisy and aggressive, a bird infestation should be taken seriously before it is too late. Even if there are only one or two birds now, there could be more before you know it.

But, how do you get rid of birds in a human way? Introducing anti-bird netting. This is a bird control solution that is commonly used in Essex and it can deter birds away from your building. It acts as an effective barrier that stops them from nesting. If you have never heard of anti-bird netting before, it is available in different sizes. This ensures that it is able to deter a variety of pest birds. Let’s take a look at the different types of birds you can stop from hanging around on your property.


Pigeons are a type of bird that you see a lot all over the UK. In particular, you are likely to see them in cities and places where they can find food easily. But, while they can be funny to observe, they are also classed as pest birds. This is because they can carry diseases and they can be a threat to human health. in particular, they are able to spread salmonella, toxoplasmosis and cryptococcosis. What’s more, they can even cause secondary pest infections since pigeons can carry fleas and mites.

But, do not worry. This is where anti-bird netting comes in. Since pigeons are relatively common, this is a solution that is going to make sure they cannot land on your building. The netting is set up so that they cannot access ledges and roofs. You can learn more about this solution here. As a result, they are going to fly away to somewhere else. This prevents them from nesting, which is where the law kicks in and you are not able to remove them so easily. Acting fast is the best solution if you see pigeons hanging around your property.


Next up, there are different types of gulls that present a problem. Indeed, this can be an issue on the coast. But, due to the availability of food, you can also find gulls in cities where there is accessible rubbish. The problem with gulls is that they can become aggressive for food. Plus, once they find a nice spot to build their nest, they are going to return back here year after year. In other words, if you have a problem with gulls now and do not sort this out, they are going to stay during the spring and summer and you will see them again the next year.

Again, this is where anti-bird netting is going to help. This can be put up around areas of your building that gulls like. This stops them from accessing these areas and being able to build a nest. They will soon be off somewhere else to build one and they will return to this spot every year instead of your property.



Starlings might seem like small and harmless birds. But, this is not always the case. The problem is, they can live in very large groups and you can have hundreds before you know it hanging around on your roofs and ledges. This is going to lead to bad areas of bird guano, which can be dangerous for your building, as well as human health. Starlings can also find their way into buildings and roofs, which presents another problem for property owners.

You are going to know if you have a problem with starlings. While they might be small, you are going to hear them. Since they will sit in large groups, it is also likely that you will see them. You are most likely to notice them during the summer and Autumn. But, the good news is, if you have anti-bird netting installed, this is going to prevent them from becoming a problem. The netting can be purchased in different sizes and there is often a smallest enough size that is going to combat starlings. This can stop them from hanging out on your building, as well as getting into the roof. Remember that netting is a humane way to deter birds. You can get into a lot of trouble trying to take matters into your own hands.