5 Ways to Train Your Adorable Dog to Stop Excessive Barking

Dogs bark because they want to communicate. Different kinds of barking indicate different things. However, extreme barking is an irritation for pet parents, neighbors, and guests. Then, you should feel good when training your furry friend. According to an article published in Huffington Post, do not keep staring at your dog when training your pet.

Though it is essential for all pet parents to love and care for their four-legged companion and understand what the dog is trying to communicate, some pups have the habit of unnecessary barking. Here are five tips to train your puppy to stop loud incessant barking:

Understand the Reason for Barking

Not all types of barking mean irate behavior and therefore, it’s important to understand why your pup is barking all the time before you train him. Figure out when and where your canine friend is barking and what are the triggers for such a reaction. When you determine the cause, train your dog to keep him quiet.

Distract Your Dog

When you take your Labrador or any other breed to a pet-friendly bistro and fail to stop him from constantly barking at strangers, a little distraction may work. Give your pup dog treats to distract him until other guests pass by meanwhile. Reward your furry friend only if he stops barking.

When at home, train your pet to sit near the favorite spot when guests approach to ring your doorbell. The favorite dog spot is a kind of distraction to help him stay quiet when people arrive. You may also look for dog training Boise Idaho to learn more about distracting pets.

Get rid of Inducements

When your dog barks over its territory, eliminate or obscure the visuals or sounds that trigger loud barking. You can place a removable plastic film on windows or just pull the curtains close to your pet’s guard spots. If your puppy is playing in the backyard and barking incessantly, put opaque fencing to stop your dog from seeing outside inducements.

Ignore the Barking

When your pet is barking non-stop just to seek attention, ignore it. You can use some body language to indicate that barking to attract attention will not work. You look at the ceiling or wall to ignore and avoid pampering your dog when barking simply for attention. When your Fido stops barking and stays quiet, reward him with treats. If your dog starts barking again, ignore again to show him that only silence and discipline will deserve a reward.

Free the Dog From Confinement

A few dogs keep barking as a compulsive behavior when confined to a place. Free your pet from being tied and let him play in the backyard or front lawn. Make sure the garden or lawn is properly fenced. A dog staying indoors all the time barks often and so, give him more exercise, playtime, or some mental encouragement.


Give your dog proper training to make him stop barking unnecessarily. Follow these tips and you will love training your furry friend.