Wes Johnson Forges Ahead After Smosh With IRL Bros YouTube Channel

Wes Johnson Forges Ahead After Smosh With IRL Bros YouTube Channel

Wes Johnson, a popular cosplayer and streamer, has been an avid gamer for as long as he can remember. That passion for gaming led him to become a member of Smosh Games from 2012 to 2018. Wes’ time with Smosh also allowed him to gain new skills such as filming, editing, and information technology management. Things he’s utilized to forge ahead pursuing his own opportunities in streaming and cosplay.

IRL Bros on YouTube

Leaving Smosh Games opened the door for Wes to create his own YouTube channel where he had the opportunity to focus on streaming, creating his own video content, and role playing. He has also utilized the popularity of his channel to raise money for important causes,

Wes Johnson Has Built a Unique Cosplay and Streaming Community

When asked how he would define success as with the cosplay and streaming community he has built, Wes responded that he probably measures success differently than others in the industry. While some look only at the number of viewers and subscribers as a means of determining success, Wes prefers to consider how many people he has helped.

Wes’s goal with IRL Bros has always been to support people regardless of their gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. One way he has done that is by creating an inclusive online community where people feel safe to be themselves. His Twitch community is filled with some of the kindest people he has met either online or offline. The people who spend time on his streams have supported each other through some of life’s biggest challenges.

Advice for People Who Want to Pursue a Career in Cosplay and Streaming

Streaming can be a hard industry to break into. When asked about how to start becoming a streamer, Wes always gives the same simple advice. People should focus on having fun and just start doing it. The amount of money spent on costumes or equipment is secondary to meeting people with similar interests and bringing joy to their lives. At the same time, he does acknowledge that anyone who wants to pursue cosplay and streaming will need to invest in technology.

Creating streams for chat or with cosplay enthusiasts typically only requires a computer and web camera. Setting up for gaming takes more equipment, some of which can be expensive. Potential streamers will need a computer with enough power to run the stream and games at the same time. Wes recommends that beginners experiment with gaming on their video game consoles first before investing money in more powerful equipment. Most of them from the PS4/Xbox One era forward have the ability to stream and game at the same time.

But the one piece of equipment that’s absolutely essential is the mic. You have to have a high quality mic for streams, whether you want to play games or just talk with your audience. How your voice sounds will matter a lot to your audience.

Philanthropy and Creativity Equally Important to Wes Johnson

Wes enjoys the opportunity to combine two of his top interests by using his creativity to help charitable causes. One of the most recent projects he was able to participate in included a Dungeons and Dragons show he produced called Yeet 4 Initiative. He wrote the entire scenario himself, and the moderators and players come from his Twitch Livestream. The campaign includes over 500 pages of backstory and lore, all from the mind of Wes the Dungeon Master.

Why Giving Back to the Community is Important to Wes Johnson

Wes holds a personal conviction that every person should find ways they can help others. He focuses mainly on organizations that serve children with his charitable giving. Making a better world for children benefits everyone because those children will grow up to help those in the generations behind them.