LawBite launches digital HQ service for the financial sector and recruits new lawyers to boost offering to medium sized businesses

LawBite launches digital HQ service for the financial sector and recruits new lawyers to boost offering to medium sized businesses

Leading digital challenger law platform LawBite has launched HQ, a new service for businesses in the financial sector who are struggling to access specialist legal advice at the affordable rates required to support their growth. It promises to transform how law is delivered to ambitious high-growth businesses by streamlining the legal experience and eliminating unpredictable fees.

HQ delivers top-flight legal expertise and unrivalled support on an advanced digital platform, at generally half the price of comparable traditional law firms. Once onboarded to the platform, which uses the latest online reporting suites to simplify case management, businesses are matched with a sector specialist partner level lawyer and a full client support structure – including paralegal. In addition to the sector expertise, HQ clients will also benefit from support with general legal matters.

With only 13% of UK businesses finding legal advice is value for money, HQ is another LawBite product making legal services more accessible. This has been made possible by LawBite’s pioneering use of advanced technology such as AI, mobile apps and the latest data science tools to remove the clutter and improve client-lawyer engagement. Having handled tens of thousands of enquiries, LawBite is leading transformation in the legal sector in the UK, mainland Europe and now in the US marketplace.

LawBite founder and CEO, Clive Rich, commented, “The time has come to transform how law is delivered to ambitious, high growth businesses. Law-Tech can be the catalyst for this by simplifying the entire legal experience and making services more accessible. LawBite has been increasingly approached by larger businesses in the financial services sector to help with their overstretched in-house legal teams or address the recurrent frustration of very expensive legal outsourcing arrangements. LawBite HQ will give businesses their very own legal department, customised from the outset to meet their needs and budget, while being modernised by tech to deliver the legal experience needed for today’s entrepreneurial firms.”

LawBite has already recruited a number of highly experienced financial sector lawyers to the HQ team. They have proven track records of working with major financial institutions around the world, dealing with; regulatory affairs, risk and compliance, structured finance, corporate governance, capital raising and M&A transactions.


LawBite HQ will initially be made available to family offices, venture capital, corporate finance and challenger banks. However, LawBite intends to expand HQ to sectors that require secure delivery of legal services through digital platforms, sophisticated regulatory and compliance reassurance and the need for value-for-money legal solutions – including Health-Tech and Construction.

LawBite is a leading online legal platform, providing expert but accessible legal services to those SME businesses let down by Britain’s overpriced and exclusionary legal system. A new law-tech disruptor, LawBite is shaking up a £20bn a year domestic industry in need of a technological and democratic revolution. LawBite CEO Clive Rich, a qualified barrister, founded the company after witnessing larger law firms actively discourage staff from taking on smaller clients. Since its founding, LawBite has provided a much-needed voice to tens of thousands of the UK’s 6 million SMEs, who spend around £9bn on legal services every year.

LawBite hosts its own law firm on its digital platform – LawBriefs – regulated by the SRA. The platform uses advanced data science and the latest on-line tools to transform the case management process, markedly improving the speed by which legal work is processed, whilst maintaining the highest standards of security.

LawBite is modernising the UK’s legal sector with their use of advanced technology to streamline law for greater efficiency. LawBite has developed its own proprietary cloud-based, data encrypted platform (which includes an app) used by both clients and lawyers. It is a market leader for using data science, machine learning and AI to ensure a perfect client/lawyer match and offer consistent, fixed price quotes.

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