Origins of Freedom24 and Current Standings as a Broker

Origins of Freedom24 and Current Standings as a Broker

Many people want to work from their home by using the internet. This is a reality today and people can actually work from their homes by applying to various organizations online. There are many things that we can do with the help of the internet from the comfort of our homes. An example of such tasks is freelancing. With the help of freelancing, many people can stay at their homes and earn a good amount of money every month. Apart from that, there are also other solutions that people can use to run the affairs of their household by working online. Investing in a stock broker company can allow you to enjoy a great return on investments and a stable income compared to other means online. Furthermore, you can invest money that you earn in the form of profits to buy shares and purchase stocks in the long run. The possibilities are endless by investing in a stock broker company.

With that said, it is quite important that you understand the basic requirements for investment purposes. Once you do that, you need to find a stockbroker that is reliable and renowned in the market. The prospects of investing in Freedom Finance Europe is that you can use their platform Freedom24 to not only invest but also buy shares and perform trade activities. The platform is an exceptional way for investors to easily invest and get business benefits. They can easily run the entire household with the help of this amazing opportunity at hand. Read about the Freedom24 review and current standings of the company in the following passages.

Freedom Finance Europe – An Overview

Freedom Finance Europe is actually the parent company that is operating the Freedom24 platform. This company is based in Cyprus and deals with millions of dollars every year under assets management and equity capital. Not only that, but the company also operates in eight countries that include Germany, the USA, and Russia to name a few. Apart from this, the company has more than 2000 employees that are working day and night to facilitate customers in investment activities across the USA, Europe, and Asia. The Securities and Exchange Commission that is based in the USA regulates the company’s operations. The company is renowned across the world and it is listed in Nasdaq which is the second-largest stock exchange in the United States of America closely behind the New York stock exchange.

Current Standings

The company provides an elaborate stock trading platform that is known as Freedom24. This platform allows users to not only perform investment activities, but also buy shares, and sell their securities. Currently, the company is standing in a very strong position. The price of investments can grow by 10% and reach up to an increase of about 100% at times. The average profit is more than 70% as of April 2021. For the last 3 months, average profit on all IPO shares was more than 78%. Other than this, the company allows users to buy shares on a rating system that allows them to make careful investments that can get them better business opportunities.

Trusted and Reliable

The company is highly trusted because it is the only EU-based broker that is listed in Nasdaq as well. Nasdaq is the world’s second-largest stock exchange closely following the New York City stock exchange. The company is listed alongside top-notch companies such as Google, Facebook, and Intel. Moreover, the company complies with many regulatory frameworks. One of the most important ones is the MiFID II. This framework provides a great amount of protection to investors so that their investments are secure and they can perform their investment activities without a worry in the world.

Make sure to invest in a reliable stock broker so that you can get access to good shares, trading opportunities, and funds in several continents of the world. With Freedom Finance Europe, the possibilities are limitless due to the ability to invest in the USA as well as Europe and Asia. Many prospective companies work in these regions and investment prospects are quite high over here as well.