Finalytix Inc., a FinTech player focused on Deep Data Analytics in Asset Management (recently featured as one of the world’s leading analytical platforms) on CIO Outlook Cover Story for December 2020. The Cover Story can be accessed here.

Omar Rana, Co-Founder and lead on Strategy & Analytics was interviewed and discusses the power of data analytics as Finalytix drives forward to allow end clients to use analytics to make better and more informed decisions about their portfolios.  Finalytix  currently has over USD$2B of assets under observation and services Private Family Offices, UHNWIs and EAMs across MENA and ASEAN out of the Dubai International Financial Center and Singapore (where they are certified member of the Singapore Fintech Association).

Figure 1:  Finalytix Ultra interface. Clients are able to analyze data across a variety of visualizations for instance through a 4 Quadrant Dashboard (as seen in the Diagram below), reports, analytics etc.

Finalytix Ultra app features solutions for portfolio management, workflow management, customer relationship management, document management, reporting and market data integrations. The platform can comb through a variety of Asset Classes which include complex liquid and illiquid assets classes including Alternatives, Cash, Commodities, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Stocks, Fixed Deposits, Forex, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Structured Notes, Cryptocurrency, Art, Automobiles, Jewelry and Real Estate.

As part of our next generation platform we are offering a marketplace to provide our clients a holistic approach to structured notes”, says Omar. Finalytix is introducing education (Finalytix Academy) for Family Offices and an integrated approach to allowing end clients to price their own Structured Notes (Finalytix Marketplace) at substantially reduced fees as compared to what they currently pay.

Figure 2: Finalytix Marketplace (FM ) is a real-time platform focused on structured note investments. Structured notes are a US$2 Trillion dollar market and an important part of our Clients portofolios.  The FM will provide a bird’s eye view of all information held on different structured notes (SNs) held by our Clients, provide market and global research, robust analytics and education.   Finally, FM will allow Clients to price their own SNs and get indicative pricing from Issuers from around the world on a real-time basis.

Finalytix continues to show innovation and the company is scoping their third major upgrade to an auction scenario (Finalytix Auction), where clients can auction off advisory work on their entire assets or a subset of their assets.  The platform is being scoped by working with end clients and understanding their needs.  Finalytix is one of the few firms globally who have anchored themselves on the side of end of Clients rather than Banks.  The platform has resulted in Clients saving millions of dollars in fees to Banks and External Advisors.

One thing we had tried to adopt are learnings from other industries – we focus on end clients, we understand our “customers” and we do keep an “eye” on our competitors”, added Omar.

Finalytix does not offer “advice” to end clients – the platform is intuitive and by integrating education for their Clients, they expect Finalytix Academy to help to educate Family Offices on how to deal with Banks/Financial Advisors.  ” We engaged Bankers to help us create education content that allows us to educate our Clients on how to best prepare for meetings with Private Bankers“, added Omar.

As part of the early stages of Finalytix, the DIFC played an important role which includes being the bedrock of where the Co-Founders met and formulated the idea of Finalytix.  As Omar explains, “ the Co-Founders met regularly for about 3 years at a coffee shop and sat in the exact same location every weekend to create Finalytix.”  Finalytix is a Silicon Valley company and then opened its office in DIFC in February 2020.

About Finalytix Inc.

Finalytix is a decision support portfolio analytics company out of Silicon Valley with offices at the Dubai International Financial Center and Singapore.  Finalytix has over US$2B in Assets Under Observation serving clients located in Middle East, Europe and Asia.  Finalytix is developing analytical models with end users in mind and offering advanced analytical models to end clients to optimize their decision making when dealing with the financial advisors.  Core clients of Finalytix include UHNWIs, Family Offices and External Asset Managers.  For more information kindly click here. For Finalytix’s Corporate Video kindly click here. For any further enquiries, kindly email

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