PixelPlex Launches a Document Management Platform that Eases How We Manage Documents

PixelPlex launched a new digital product. DocFlow from PixelPlex improves document management processes by making them more secure, transparent, and more efficient.
PixelPlex, a noteworthy technological advancement company, recently revealed DocFlow, its latest release in its arsenal of blockchain-based solutions. DocFlow features top-notch smart contract systems that make it highly secure and guarantees 100% data authenticity.

Before creating this solution, software engineers from the customer-centric company analyzed the issues encountered by organizations that use the traditional DMSs and they identified some major problems. These issues usually involve problems with time inefficiency from delays, data security and uncertainties attached to using third-party solutions. But with the blockchain document control system, these issues have been laid to rest and businesses can adopt the technology to better manage document-related processes.

PixelPlex highlighted some important capabilities and features of the app on its websites. Some of those capabilities emanate from the fact that it’s built with blockchain technology, which makes it timestamped, immutable, and visible to all participants in the network. It eliminates the demand for some third-party solutions, thus canceling the need for middlemen.
DocFlow users will undoubtedly benefit from its decentralized storage and the secure process of registration that’s guaranteed by tokenization. The proof-of-origin techniques that are programmed in its operation completely eliminate the possibility of experiencing data fraud when using the feature. Due to features like hashing and encryption, the likelihood of being hacked is significantly lower than traditional DMSs.

DocFlow can be implemented in most industries, and PixelPlex is well ready to modify the solution to better address the intricate concerns of individual businesses.
About PixelPlex
PixelPlex is a client-centric and highly innovative solutions provider that regularly releases cutting-edge solutions to aid the effectiveness of businesses and to ultimately increase their profitability in the long run. PixelPlex is well-equipped with highly knowledgeable employees that are vast in a range of blockchain technology development and deployment.