The Essential Guide To A Productive Office

Being productive is the lifeblood of any business. If your staff team is struggling to find the motivation to perform to their best or they lack any morale, you need to look at the ethos that you have in your business. As the boss, the buck stops with you. You need to facilitate a company that respects its employees, that provides an exceptional space in which to work and that listens to its staff. Without this, you risk a high turnover of staff, a workforce with low productivity, and staff with grievances. To ensure that you have the level of productivity you need, take a look at this guide.

Talk to your staff

There’s nothing worse than a boss who stays in their office all day, every day. You run the risk of becoming resented because you are becoming so out of touch. Instead, get out on the office floor and chat with your staff. Be friendly approachable and have an open-door policy. Ensure that you have briefings and meetings to discuss staff concerns, to communicate good news and to explain what needs to be done better, To maximise productivity, it’s vital that you communicate with your staff to secure buy into your business vision. Don’t be afraid to show praise to your staff, namecheck them in an email for good work and reward them with a bonus or an extra day’s holiday.

The workspace

If your office space is dull and looking a little tired, your staff will not be motivated to work hard. It might not be unusual for you to head into the office in the morning to see a barrage of twiddling thumbs, yawning faces and silence. You want your office to be a buzzing place, full of productive noise and ideas. Whip out the white paint, get some local artwork on the walls, have a glass polishing firm sort out your dodgy windows, add a touch of greenery and swap the desktop booths for collaborative working pods. To generate ideas, you need to facilitate them. By making the working environment more conducive to productive working, you will empower your workforce to feel happier, more comfortable and more motivated to work.

Invest in your staff

To maximise productivity, your staff need to feel valued. The easiest way to do this is to invest in their professional development. Send individuals on courses, offer to pay for a new qualification, and facilitate options for them to shadow colleagues. By taking in interest in their careers and helping them with their next steps, you are showing them that you value them and want them to succeed. Being a caring and nurturing boss will allow you to reap the rewards of their newfound knowledge and experiences. It can be a worry when you invest in an employee. You may be concerned that they will move onto a new role with the qualification that you paid for. Remain a great place to work and they will feel more inclined to stay put.

Having a productive workspace can be hard to achieve. However, follow this guide and your business will thrive.

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