Leaving Nicely: How to Quit College with Minimal Risks

Few people know from childhood what they want to do. It is not surprising that applicants often make a mistake in the choice of university and all the years of study dream only about leaving university. Do not worry if in the middle of studying you realize that you made a mistake – you can still fix it.

Why do you feel like quitting university?

Many people are quite thoughtless about the choice of university. No wonder – applicants are only 17-19 years old, they do not yet have experience in the desired field, and they have no idea what they want to do. Often a teenager chooses a university on the recommendation of parents or friends, and during the study comes disappointment from the unnecessary specialty. But there are also other reasons: for example, conflicts with teachers. The most common reasons for dropping out of college are as follows:

  • not a desired major – if you got in based on recommendations or did not get a passing grade for the place you wanted to go;
  • a mistake in the choice of specialty – if in the process of studying you realized that you had imagined your future work differently;
  • reexamining your values – if you realized during your studies what you want to be;
  • Incompetent teachers and poor quality of education – if even in the first year you are sure that in school you were taught better and more productively, then it is not surprising that you want to leave the university and change mentors;
  • conflicts with teachers and fellow students – the first can significantly harm your studies, and the second – just really ruin your life. Whether it is worth quitting university for such reasons is an individual matter, but if conflicts interfere with the normal study or spoil the mood from day to day, it is better to think about changing the team.

If you do decide to drop out of university…

If you want to drop out and you are going to make it a reality, take your time. First think about organizing your life for the near future. You cannot just go nowhere, without making any plans.

How to realize what you want to do further

What to do if you want to quit school and change the field of activity? First of all, of course, understand what you want to do next. Well, if you want to stay in the same profession, and just plan to change the university for a more prestigious one. But what if there is disappointment in the whole field? In that case, there are two ways:

  • Think about your hobbies and interests, especially from childhood and adolescence. Any hobbies are related to a myriad of occupations. Do you like video games? You could try your hand at programming, game design, 3D modeling, or scripting. Enjoy interacting with young children? Consider pedagogy and pediatrics. Love animals? You could become a veterinarian, environmentalist, or groomer. There are plenty of options, you just have to consider the areas of interest from all angles. It’s great if there’s an opportunity to try out or at least observe a likely profession.
  • If there are no clear interests, or you want to leave them at the level of a hobby, try to enter the most prestigious and well-paid areas – IT, management, narrow service industries. If you plan to move abroad, you can consider medical specialties – abroad they are paid much higher than here. If you overcome the first difficulties of the beginning of training, then the motivation in the form of a good job will help you to finish school.
  • And remember that it is not necessary to get a higher education. There are colleges, training courses, and sometimes the employer himself teaches his future employees. And if you do not want to hurry with the choice, you can simply start by finding a part-time job that does not require a diploma, and then, in six months to a year, continue education, if it is required.

Preparing for Future Study or Work

But you have to prepare for your future life. It is wise to do this even before you leave the walls of the university – so you can still retreat in case of any problems.

  • Before you leave university to change your major, it is advisable to get acquainted with the future field of work. Especially if at school you did not show diligence in the study of specialized subjects. Fill up the program, read additional literature. So you will be more prepared.
  • If you plan to work right away, and not study, go for an internship in the place where you plan to go to work. Students are usually given a convenient schedule, so you can both attend classes and familiarize yourself with your future profession. The internship does not oblige you to get a job afterward – you can just see if this field suits you or not.

What to do next

The field of activity is defined, for the transfer prepared – what to do next if you dropped out of college? It depends on what you plan to do.

If you plan to continue your education, you will have to prepare for repeat exams and pass them before applying to the institute. You have a lot of time: you can prepare better, to be sure to pass on a budget. And, of course, do not forget to find a suitable place to study. Do not forget about secondary education.

Regardless of how you plan to develop your career, be sure to find a part-time job. This is especially true for those who studied on a for-profit basis and decided to leave the institute. Is it any wonder that parents will not be delighted with such an action and will change the attitude to you for the worse. But if you start to support yourself without their help, you can prove your independence and responsibility for making important decisions.

What to keep in mind when dropping out of college

First, if your education was not completed, you can try to enroll in another university.

Second, don’t forget about internships and on-the-job training. Often employers arrange short intensive training courses for students and invite those who perform best. If you get such an opportunity, be sure to take it. Don’t be stressed about your homework. It’s OK to buy an essay, ask for help etc. Sometimes when you feel exhausted. Just relax and focus on yourself.

Thirdly, if you are thinking about whether to go to another university, you should be aware of the need for a degree for the desired job. Some professions do not require a diploma – in them, the main criterion will be experience, knowledge, and portfolio. But in responsible and precise jobs like medicine or law, a diploma is a must.

The main thing that you need to remember – no one is immune from mistakes in the choice, and the desire to change the university is normal. You can always start with a clean slate if you want to. Yes, you have to learn a new profession from scratch and look for part-time work. But the result will be the profession of your dreams and a great career.