Mobile Lyme Best Full-Service UK Source for Top Quality Samsung Galaxy A12 Cases and Covers

Huge range of accessories available overnight with same day dispatch for Samsung Galaxy A12 and most mobile devices


BIRMINGHAM, West Midlands, UK— April 15, 2021 — Today, Mobile Lyme announced it is now supplying a full range of cases, covers, wireless chargers and more for the entire UK market from its well-stocked headquarters in the Midlands. Mobile Lyme is a leading supplier of top quality, authentic smartphone accessories and provide a full range of accessories, offering inexpensive shipping at only £1.40. The Mobile Lyme secure website provides an easy platform for purchasing smartphone accessories and is well known for its top quality items. Mobile Lyme also offer the latest in multi-purpose headsets and headphones, power banks and a full range of car accessory choices.


“We are so excited to offer our customers so many beautiful, durable and practical Samsung Galaxy A12 cases, covers and chargers,” said a spokesperson for Mobile Lyme. “You will be surprised by our enormous selection, as we know that our customers all have a distinct, personal style. Visit our website and view the entire range as there is something for everyone, whether you need a case to be waterproof or one that functions as a wallet. Each week at no set time Mobile Lyme will offer amazing discounts for a period of 12 hours. And every month, again at no set time, we will offer amazing discounts for a period of 24 hours.”


Mobile Lyme has its own own “Black Friday” every week. The spokesperson added, “Remember, there is only one organization that truly puts the needs and wishes of the customer first. Mobile Lyme will do everything we can to make sure that you are happy with your purchases. We always offer 100% money back guarantee within 30 days.”


The company supplies cases for all Samsung Galaxy A12 mobile devices. It has a pre-ordering system so items not yet released to the market can be ordered and then dispatched as soon as they become available. They sell the latest range of durable accessories for most brands—stocking the latest approved and popular range of mobile device protection including ESR, Tech-Protect, Spigen and many more.


Mobile Lyme is focused on customer needs. All of the latest cases and covers, screen protectors, data cables, chargers, holders and in-car accessories are available on its website. Mobile Lyme also supplies manufacturer-approved accessories for products from Apple, Huawei, LG, Sony, OnePlus, Motorola and HTC.


To protect its customers, Mobile Lyme complies with GDPR to insure that customer information and data is not passed on to third parties.


Sign up for the Mobile Lyme newsletter on its website. Online support is available from 9:30 am to 17:00 pm.


For more information go to and follow Mobile Lyme on all social media.

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